Monday, 2 September 2013

A few faves!!
Hi everyone today im going to show you a few of my favourite products that I really like at the minute and also ones that I have been using for ages and go back to again and again :)
So lets get started
Illamasqua Skin Base foundation (£27.00) is my favourite foundation in the world I even use this as my main foundations in my freelance kit!! its really worth money you get 30ml which is usual but it lasts for sooo long. the colour range is amazing and you can easily mix them to create different shades. I love to contour and highlight using these because they blend so easily! I have very sensitive skin so my face gets really irritated having makeup on all day BUT with this foundation it doesn't, it feels like a seconded skin you really don't feel like you have any on. I think this foundation is medium coverage but very buildable to full and you can sheer it out too. I have used this on all skin types and had no complaints so I think this is definitely worth trying!!   
Real Techniques Blush Brush (£9.99) I am so in love with these brushes at the minute, I cant believe the value for money, I have a few different ones but this is the one I keep on me at al times!! first off I really like how the brush is more dense at the bottom and lighter at the tips this is good for when you are applying blush or bronzer as it gently buffs the colour in, you don't just end up with a big blob of colour on you face which is NOT attractive :p. The seconded thing I love is the shape, the tip is pointier at the end meaning you can be really precise with it, I contour with it, apply blush and use it to powder all over the face. Its just a really good multi task brush to carry in your makeup bag, I don't think you can go wrong with any of these brushes they are AMAZING!!
Mary-Lou Manizer The Balm (£15.00) this is my favourite highlighter at the minute it suits any skin tone and really catches the light wherever you put it. I use to highlight the brow, cheekbones and cupids bow. Its a lovely colour and really blends in well, its not too yellow or glittery its a really neutral tone. I haven't found a highlighter that beats this yet so this is must have for me :)
Beauty Blender there is soo much hype about this product and you only have to try this once and you will fall in love with it! 99.9% of the time I use this to apply foundation and concealer I hate using anything else! its unlike any other sponge or applicator I have ever used and the finish it gives is flawless! EVERONE needs one of these!
Maybelline The Eraser Eye for sooo long now I have been on the hunt for a concealer that does not make my eyes stream and itch, covers my dark circles and does not sit in lines! this ticks every box and more for me, it feels really kind and moisturising to the eyes I use it all the time and it does not irritate them. it really is lovely and I would definitely recommend this for someone who suffers with very sensitive eyes like me!
So there are a few of my faves I have a lot more I will post another time, these are all product I will carry on using for a long time and I hope this has helped!


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