Thursday, 19 September 2013

A few random tips when applying your make-up.
Hi everyone, I haven't had as much time as id like to write my blog tonight so I thought I would share some tips on applying makeup. Everyone has their own routine on putting their make-up on so feel free to share some of yours too!
1. Natural light is the best lighting to apply makeup so do your makeup by a window where the light falls directly onto your face.
2. Using a lighter shade concealer for under the eyes is fine however when concealing blemishes try to match the shade to your foundation so you don't draw more attention to that area.
3. Always prepare the skin properly before applying your makeup. Cleansing, toning, and moisturising your skin with products suited to you will not only look after the skin but will give a better result in make-up.
4. Let your foundation soak into the skin and rest before applying setting powder, if foundation is too wet the powder can clump up.
5. When using false lashes, never apply straight away after putting on the glue, always let it set a little before applying them.
6. If you are using pigments or dark eye shadows that risk fallout, start with the eyes first then do the base as it is easier to clean up.
7. Leave doing make-up until last if you are using hair straighteners or curling wands you don't the heat to ruin what you have just applied.
8. Set all the products out that you will be using so they are easy to reach and you don't miss anything out.
So that's all for today guys, hopefully this has helped and I'll be back soon :) xx


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