Monday, 30 September 2013

Preparing the skin for winter!!
So before we know it, it will soon be winter :( boo. Its a tough time for our skin, with getting cold and flu, feeling down, getting caught outside in the wind rain and snow, even the stress of Christmas can all take its toll. Its the time of year to replenish your winter products and get your winter woollies out because its going to be a old one!!
Im going to share with you today a few products that will protect my skin from the weather to come, bearing in mind I have VERY dry skin so find it difficult to keep my skin feeling good so here you go.
So first things first, my hands get very effected by the weather as I am outside quite a lot, they become very dry and brittle. I have tried sooo many hand creams im still yet to find one that keeps my hands hydrated I find I have to re-apply quite often. On the left is Neutrogena Norwegian Formula this is a concentrated formula so a little goes a long way, I use this at nigh time, I don't find that is absorbs that quickly into the skin and im not 100% on what I think about it. Evan though you don't need as much I don't find it works on me if I don't use a lot, this is why I use it at night as i can apply more and it has al night to soak in.
To the right is NIVEA Soft Face, Body, Hands. This is the hand cream I find keeps my hands soft and hydrated for the longest, plus you can use it anywhere of the body. I have used this on my face too and it is really nice. There is a slight scent to it which im not normally keen on perfume in products however it does not irritate my skin and it does fade after time. Out of the two this is my favourite the overall feel and texture and the way my skin feels after I have applied it.
So next is lips, and I think most of you now have one of these amazing products, yes im talking about Maybelline Baby Lips I am so obsessed with lip balms I cant live without one, I purchased this about a month a go and LOVE it!! I wish maybe I had got a different colour as this is quite bright. I have never had a li balm as moisturising as this, as soon as I applied one coat my lips felt completely different. I really think this is the best product out right now and it will definitely one of my go to products this winter.
Now this is my one product I could never live without Oilatum bath formula i not only have dry skin but I suffer form eczema too, in the cold weather my skin does get worse and dry not only due to the weather but I think due to all the layers I wear. This formula is amazing and my skin is transformed when i use it. You only need a couple of caps added to your bath and bathe for 10 mins. You can use this if you shower to however I find it more effective in a bath. The good thing about this product is you can use this everyday if you like it will not harm your skin, the most I have used it is twice a day at the moment about 3 times a week. Even if you don't suffer with skin irritation this is a really nice way to hydrate your skin without sticky creams that can be really  un-comfy. Its an amazing products and brand and I swear by this!!
Next is eye creams, the skin around the eyes is very delicates especially when your face is getting battered by wind and rain you need to be protected. these are two products that I use and they are both inexpensive. The first is Boots cucumber eye gel. I like this as it absorbs straight into the skin and it cools the area and feels really nice. The second is Simple soothing eye balm I have very sensitive eyes so i have to be careful with products I am using, however this is really nice I apply this all around the eye area and it does not irritate at all. I don't have a favourite out of the two I find they both keep my skin hydrated and they also go on nice under makeup too.
Now on to the product I have spent a lot of time searching for is a good face cream! Again its from one of my favourite brand its Oilatum natural repair face cream. I tend to use this mostly if im not wearing any makeup and at night, this is because I find you have to wait longer for it to soak in before you put makeup over the top. This is one of my favourite face creams its amazing for dry skin and irritated skins and it really feels like a barrier against the outside world :)
Last but not least its a new product im finding to be really nice L'Oreal skin perfection, I've been wanting a new day cream as Ill soon be needing a lot of it :) I have been using this for about a month now and I really like it. First on all I love this the cream is pink! it goes on really nice under makeup and it keeps my skin hydrated all day. It does however have a scent to it however it does not irritate my skin and it does smell nice. There is a serum too which I wanted but was sold out so it must be good.
So there are some of my products that will get me through the winter which I am not looking forward to. Its a stressful time of year but make sure you spend some time and pamper yourself, feel free to share some or your must have products for winter below :) xxx

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