Monday, 9 September 2013

Ten random tips and tricks.
Hi everyone!! been really busy the past couple of days so haven't been able to come talk to you! I thought I would give you a few tips and tricks that I have learnt along my journeys so far so I hope you find them useful :)
1. When you buy face wipes keep them upside down so the top ones don't dry out and the moisture doesn't settle at the bottom.
2. After you have worn fake lashes clean them with eye makeup remover to remover glue and mascara so you can wear them gain.
3. Spray MAC Fix+ directly onto pigments or glitter and mix to make eyeliner.
4. Blot your lipstick before adding the final coat so the colour stays on for longer.
5. stop you get liner from drying out by removing a small amount to the back of your hand with a cotton but then put the lid straight back on
6. Even if you are only using you brushes and makeup sponges on yourself you need to wash them regularly.
7. Always exfoliate before you apply fake tan so you don't streak.
8. Always wear a good factor sun cream for you, you will still get a tan with higher factors but looking after your skin should come first.
9. After you have washed your brushes make sure you mould them back into shape with your fingers then let them dry naturally.
10. Practice and have fun, you will soon find what suits you so don't be afraid to try different colours and looks.
I hope you find some of these helpful, I am learning everyday so share your tips and tricks below :) ill be back with more tomorrow, Bye Guys :) xxx


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