Friday, 13 September 2013

Tinkerbell tutorial! To early for Halloween?
Hi everyone! so for part of my course work this week my beautiful friend Hanna let be borrow her face to and turn her into tinkerbell :) It was a bit of fun and I think it turned out great so I thought Id let you know what I use to create it !!
I really enjoyed playing around with the colours and glitter, because everyone loves glitter :) ill start with the main part of this makeup:
Urban Decay primer potion
Urban Decay Vice Palette Junkie
2true eyes shadow duo in green
BarryM Dazzle dust 27
BarryM Glitterdust 10
GOSH Eyeliner in Alligator 007
Maybelline Scandeleyes Mascara
First I primed all of the eyelid up to the brow and under the eye too, I then sprayed my brush with MAC fix+ and applied the iridescent dazzle dust to the inner corner of the eye. I then applied the lightest green colour out if the duo all over the lid, followed by the darker colour in the crease, outer corner and under eye, then with a fluffy brush I blended it out as far as it would go. I applied junkie into the crease and under the eye and blended this out to the hairline and down to the top of the cheekbones. I then lined the eye with the green eyeliner with the green eyeliner and added mascara. I finished the eyes by blending the gold glitter over the top of the cheekbones and blended up into to shadow.

Illamasqua skin base foundation
Bobbi Brown blush in Pale Pink
L'Oreal dream touch concealer
The brightest pink I had it didn't have a name on it ive had it for ages
L'Oreal glam shine gloss 800
The best thing about this makeup was I had fun doing it and thanks to Hanna for letting me do this to her haha thanks for having a look guys and ill be back soon with more :) xx


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