Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Tint your eyelashes at home!!
Hi everyone and welcome back :) I wanted to share with you today something I really like and have been using for a while. Its the eyelure dylash 45 day mascara (£7.14) I have pretty fair lashes and I really like this product because it actually works and its so easy to do. I cant compare this product to having your eyelashes professionally tinted in a salon as I've never had it done.
First I apologise for the packaging, I am due to get a new one soon. This is the packaging and it does come in blue/black and brown, you can also use this on the brows too!!
This it what you get inside... you do get a little white stirrer and some eye shields, but I must have lost them. you get up to 12 applications here and I think for the price is amazing. All you need is here for you the only extra thing you need is eye makeup remover, Vaseline and cotton pads soaked in water.
*It does recommend you do a skin test 24 hours before you use it which I DID as I am so sensitive!
Here are simple instructions on how I personally use this kit:
1. Cleanse the eye with makeup remover to make sure all makeup and dirt is removed leaving the eye are clean.
2. Apply a generous amount of Vaseline around the eye area NOT touching the lashes but as close to as you can. (The kit does come with eye shield you can apply now but I have never used them
3. Squeeze approx. 2cm of the eyelash dye into the little mixing dish (which is part of the packaging)
4. Add 5 drops of the activating solution and mix well until the solution does not drip
5. Doing one eye at a time apply the mixture with the mascara wand to the lashes getting as close to the base of the lashes as you can and keep you eye closed.
6. Leave on for 5-10 minutes the using a damp cotton pad gently wipe off any excess, then you are ready for the other eye.
I usually do this twice on each eye and its lasts for around 6 weeks.
So! this is how I tint my eyelashes, I really love a product that actually works so ill be sticking with this for a long time, and with only 6 simple steps you cant go wrong! hope you like this post and thank you for reading :) xxx


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