Sunday, 6 October 2013

My weekend outfits.
For once I have had a busy weekend this week and I have had lots of fun, I've been out for drinks and also had my brothers birthday party too. So now I've jumped into my joggers and have a brew in my hand I thought I would share the outfits I've worn. This is my first post about my outfits so I apologise if the pics are not the best quality :)
I went for drinks on Friday with my friend, most of what I have on is from Topshop the crop top was £3.00 in the sale the jeans are £38.00 I really like this type as the material is soft and a little stretchy so they fit really nice and are so comfy, the necklace was £10.00 and the shoes were from Newlook in the sale for £11.00. The whole outfit was £62.00.
This is what I wore for my brothers party again most is from Topshop which is not intentional! the trousers where £42.00 top £6.00 necklace £10.00 heels were Newlook £19.99 I have no idea how much I paid for the clutch and blazer but the clutch was from Newlook and the blazer was from Topshop any would match though as there is so many colours in the trousers.
So there is just a quick post there will be more in the week, hope you liked it and have all enjoyed your weekends too :) xx


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