Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Mid Week Must Have!

My Mid Week Must Have!
Hey everyone hope you are all having a good week, my mid week must have this week is a short one again but its something im using all the time and love!
This is the Garnier  summer boy moisturiser, and its £7.00 for 400ml you can also buy a smaller size. you can buy this almost anywhere but I normally get it at ASDA. It is a moisturising body lotion which has a hint of tanning ingredient in which gradually builds up to a natural looking tan. this is the deep sun kissed one but you can get a lighter one too!
I found this a few weeks ago as I wanted to start using a body moisturiser again as my skin has gone really dry recently. I really like the moisturising qualities of this as it actually works! with many I use I find it feels nice for a couple of hours then tends to dry my skin out more.
I am also a massive fan of gradual tanners like this as a I have very fair skin. I don't usually use instant tanners as they are usually too dark and too orange on me and look really fake. Where as with this you can build the colour up to what you are comfortable with. This version is the deeper sun kissed look but you can get a lighter one. I find this fine for my skin tone, I find I have to use less product to achieve the colour I like too, I have used this for over a year now and I wouldn't use any other.
To use this I find the best time to apply is at night after my bath or shower, this is because I can wear loose clothing so it can soak in evenly. You could apply this any time this is just my preference. It soaks in really quickly and NEVER streaks, and the smell is really nice and fruity too due to the apricot extract. To get to the colour I like will apply it every day for about a week then go to every other day or even three times a week. I think the colour it gives is really nice, its not an 'orange' tan or neither is it a very dark tan that it looks like you have been on holiday, its just very nice and natural. I don't apply to my face however as I can just change my foundation to match the same colour.
*But you do have to wash your hands straight after you have applied it or you may get orange hands.
So overall another brill product you can get lovely soft smooth skin and get a lovely sun kissed look too. I think it makes me look more healthy and its keeping my skin really nice too. I hope you liked my post and ill be back soon. XxX


Sunday, 24 November 2013

A lillte hair pick me up!

A little hair pick me up!
Hi everyone hope you are all getting used the freezing weather we are now having in the UK :( . I wanted to do a makeup look today but my skin has been so bad with being outside ive not been able to put any makeup on my eyes a all! its really annoying me now lol!
I hate the winter months as my skin and hair seem to get really affected by the weather so I have to change all my routine around to try and keep on top of it. My skin care changes all the time as I am always trying out different products, I have very dry and irritated skin at the moment and after all these years im still not able to find anything that properly help. if you have any suggestions please share them below.

Well enough of me moaning... today Instead im going to share a hair care product that I have been using for so long now over the winter period as a 'little pick me up' so help keep my hair soft, shiny and in good condition.

This is the VO5 Hot oils and I purchased these from ADSA for £4.00. This is an intense pre-shampoo treatment. It san instant rescue for damaged hair and is perfect for this time of year. In cold weather my hair becomes very dry and brittle and loses its condition, and these really help. I don't know much about hair or ingredients of hair products, I only know what my experiences are and what suits me. These hot oils contain 5 natural oils:
Avocado oil
Apricot oil
Grape seed oil
Jojoba oil
Rosemary leaf oil
you get 4 of the hot oils in a pack and for best results you should use one a week, however you don't have to.
They come in little 15ml individual pods. It may not look like a large amount however I have very long thick hair and this is enough for me. so to use them you:
1. Place one unopened tube into a cup of hot water (or drop into you bath or put under the shower)
2. BEFORE SHAMPOOING wet hair and massage into the lengths and leave up to 1minute NO LONGER
3. Rinse thoroughly and shampoo as normal
I really can tell the deference using these I use these mainly to help with the damage in cold weather however, they counteract the damage caused by heat styling products and daily brushing, so if you are using hot irons a lot or your ends are getting a little brittle these will really help give you nourished hair.
Thakyou for reading this post, I will be back with my mid week must have and other products im finding helpful. Hopefully I will be able to do a makeup post soon as I have loads of new products to show you :) XxX


Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Mid Week Must Have!

My Mid Week Must Have
Hi everyone I wanted to start doing an extra post each week so I have decided to do my 'mid week must have'. During the week im going to share one thing (and it could be anything) that I am using and loving. Its not going to be a huge post just a little update on my week and what im using through the week.
So this week this is what I like:
I got this from Boots and it was £6.20. It is a nail and cuticle oil and the main reason I like it so much is that it is a ball roll on! It is perfect if you are on the go as you don't have to mess about with a nail varnish type brush applicator which can be messy if your not concentrating on what you are doing. I have never seen this application method before in a nail product , and I don't no why as is could not be more handy!! Its a must have in my handbag and I can use it anywhere any time :) I have had this for about a month now and you can hardly tell ive used it, you get 9ml in the bottle and a little goes a long way.
Don't let the word oil put you off either it is not greasy at all and it soaks in straight away making your nails look shiny and in good condition, I am outside all the time and have noticed my nails look in much better condition since I have been using it. I even use this when I have nail varnish on and it does not erode at all.
So that is my must have this week, I thought it was a really cool little gadget :) hope you are all having a good week. XxX


Saturday, 16 November 2013

My New MAC Lip For Winter!

My new MAC lip combo for winter!
Hey guys if you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you will know I did a little internet shopping! (Maybe too much). I haven't had time to review and try it all yet however I think I may have found my perfect lip colour for this season! A lot of you may already have it s it is very popular but for those who are not familiar with it im going to tell you all about it :) 
Im so excited about this as ive been looking for a lip colour like this for some time and these are the perfect mix. What im talking about is the MAC lip liner pencil in Nightmoth and MAC lipstick in Rebel. 

So the lip pencil is the darkest out of these two, it is a very dark plum/wine shade. It glides on super pigmented and it did glide on really nice. This is the only lip pencil from MAC I own and it is far better than anything I have used before! you could wear this on its own, just line the lips to get the shape or colour all you lips in... which is what I did.
The lipstick is the lighter of the two, again it is super pigmented and glides of really nice. Again this looks really nice on its own however not as dark as it does with this pencil under it. I only have a could of MAC lipsticks as we don't have a store near to where I live but I have not been disappointed with any that I have.

I think that this is the perfect colour for winter and would go with anything and any skin tone. For day time you could just wear it like I have today then for night just add a little more to your eyes. this stayed on all day it only wore off a little but you could not tell, I think the lip pencil really helped keep it in place.
This will definitely be my winter lip colour and im so happy I have found it finally! I will be posting more on the new things I brought soon, I hope you liked my post sorry its just a short one today! ill be back soon XxX

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Fall Makeup look!

Fall Makeup look.
Hi everyone today I am going to share with you how I did my makeup today. I was going to do another baking post however the cake I decided to make this morning was a major disaster!! it looked terrible ha! So I decided to do my makeup as I had nothing to do so that's is what I am going to show you today :) it was super easy and quick so here you go! (sorry for the poor quality pictures I am hoping Santa brings me a new camera for Christmas :) )
Bourjois happy light base serum matte
Revlon PhotoReady foundation in Nude
Bourjois healthy mix concealer
Rimmel Clear Complexion powder in translucent
Benefit Hoola bronzer
Sleek blush trio in 366
Mac Mineralize Skinfinish in soft and gentle
So to start with I applied the bourjois base to keep my skin matte, I then applied the foundation evenly using a Real Techniques buffing brush.
I didn't finish the rest of the face until I did the eyes but this is what I did...
I applied the concealer to my under eyes ad blended it out. It does help to do the concealer last if you are using lots of eye shadows in case you get any fall out, you can easily clean up before you finish the look. Next I buffed the translucent powder all over thinly just to take away and shine. I then contoured the cheekbones and the forehead with the hoola bronzer. I applied this with the brush that comes with it then blended it out using a big fluffy brush. I finished the skin with the last blusher in the sleek trio and the MAC highlighter and blending these together.
Urban Decay Primer Potion
Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Metallic Pomegranate
NYX Makeup Artist palette in various colours
L'Oreal intenza gel eyeliner in pure black
Maybelline Colossal mascara in black
So to start the eyes I used the primer as a base to bring out more of the pigments. I then applied the colour tattoo as my base colour just on the lid. I then used a Burgundy shade eye shadow in the socket and blended it up almost to the brow. I then took a silver shade and used this to highlight the brow bone and the inner corner of the eye. I then went over this with a blending brush to make sure there was no harsh lines. I then lined all around the eye and did a flick at the outer corner. I finished by slightly buffing out the under eyeliner with a little of the burgundy shade used in the crease. I the applied a couple of coats of the mascara.
NYX lip pencil in purple rain
Sleek Matte lipstick in 792
I first did this look with a nude lip but I thought as it is a fall look to go all out and do the lips to. I first lined the lip to get a straight border and then filled it in with the lipstick.
This look was really easy to do and you do not have to use the same products as I did. I am going to do more winter inspired makeup look over the next few months and also some cool party looks too as it is the party time of year, so if you have any ideas you wanna see let me no. Thanks guys X 



Saturday, 2 November 2013

Autumn Drugstore Products

Autumn Drugstore Products.
Hi guys hope your ok, its getting really wintery now so I went shopping for some new autumn products and everything I got are products I have never used before which is exciting. I purchased all these from the drugstore Superdrug. So let get stuck in... these are what I got:
I purchased everything from Superdrug so they were pretty inexpensive!
The first thing I purchased was the Bourjois Happy Light Matte Primer £10.99. I have never tried a matte primer before as I have quite dry skin but during the day I do become shiny in the T-zone area. I normally like a dewy effect but as its nearing winter time I prefer a more matte finish. I really liked this product I found that it did actually work for me. I was not too fond of the smell but it did wear off, the feel was not as silky smooth as my normal primers  I think this is because its matte. It is very light on the skin an soaks in well, my foundation blended over it smoothly and it did stay matte too. I have also worn this just over my moisturiser and not work any makeup and my t-zone did not get greasy at all. I think for a drugstore product this is really work a try! this primer also come in a luminous version too.
The second thing  I got was this Sleek True Colour Lipstick Matte 792 £4.99.
I am obsessed with purple lipsticks at the moment and I was really pleased when I came across this one, most of the ones in the drugstore had a shine to them and I wanted a really pigmented and matte one. I have never tried this brand before but I have heard so much about it and I am a new fan!
I really like the consistency and the colour is so vibrant, I also like that there is no particular scent either. I love this colour for winter it really stands out with just eyeliner on.
The next thing I got was this Sleek Blush BY3 Palette in Pink Sprint 366 £9.99. Fist of all I like the feel and look of the packaging. I like that you get 3 good size blushes in one palette and the mirror is a good idea too. I picked this one as the colours are more deep and plum toned, you could mix these together or just use them on their own too. I like these for winter as I usually have more pale skin and I think these will look really nice!

Next to last I got this Maybelline 24hr Colour Tattoo in Metallic Pomegranate 70 £4.99. The colour is a kind of burgundy shade and I does have shimmer in too, I love this product as it is so easy to use. If you are not that confident using eye shadows or are now to it, these will be your safety net as you cant go wrong. You can use this as a base and blend in your other eye shadows or just use it on its own with mascara and it looks amazing, plus it WILL NOT move. it does not crease or move it looks the same when it time to take it off as it did when you out it on. I really love this product and I will be getting more of the colours, I found it to be super bendable. I think these are really great!

The final things I purchased were these L'Oreal Collection Privee Colour Riche Lipsticks £8.19. I love nude lipsticks I don't think you can have enough, and when L'Oreal advertised this collection dedicated to nudes I had to try them. I purchased the lightest pink which is Doutzen's Nude and the deeper nude that is Julianne's Nude. I love the packaging I think it looks expensive, however the only thing I an not fond of is the smell !!

The lightest looks quite sheer on the picture but it really nice and glossy on, it just adds a pop of colour, it also looks good on top of a lip pencil as it brings the colour out more. The darker shade is a slightly more reddish pink and it does have a shimmer in too. I wear these two all the time. I think it is hard to find a nice nude that does not wash you out but I really like these. there are shades in this collection or all skin tones so it you are looking for a nice nude check these out :)

So there are just a few supplies I got for winter, hope you liked this post and ill be back soon X

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