Sunday, 24 November 2013

A lillte hair pick me up!

A little hair pick me up!
Hi everyone hope you are all getting used the freezing weather we are now having in the UK :( . I wanted to do a makeup look today but my skin has been so bad with being outside ive not been able to put any makeup on my eyes a all! its really annoying me now lol!
I hate the winter months as my skin and hair seem to get really affected by the weather so I have to change all my routine around to try and keep on top of it. My skin care changes all the time as I am always trying out different products, I have very dry and irritated skin at the moment and after all these years im still not able to find anything that properly help. if you have any suggestions please share them below.

Well enough of me moaning... today Instead im going to share a hair care product that I have been using for so long now over the winter period as a 'little pick me up' so help keep my hair soft, shiny and in good condition.

This is the VO5 Hot oils and I purchased these from ADSA for £4.00. This is an intense pre-shampoo treatment. It san instant rescue for damaged hair and is perfect for this time of year. In cold weather my hair becomes very dry and brittle and loses its condition, and these really help. I don't know much about hair or ingredients of hair products, I only know what my experiences are and what suits me. These hot oils contain 5 natural oils:
Avocado oil
Apricot oil
Grape seed oil
Jojoba oil
Rosemary leaf oil
you get 4 of the hot oils in a pack and for best results you should use one a week, however you don't have to.
They come in little 15ml individual pods. It may not look like a large amount however I have very long thick hair and this is enough for me. so to use them you:
1. Place one unopened tube into a cup of hot water (or drop into you bath or put under the shower)
2. BEFORE SHAMPOOING wet hair and massage into the lengths and leave up to 1minute NO LONGER
3. Rinse thoroughly and shampoo as normal
I really can tell the deference using these I use these mainly to help with the damage in cold weather however, they counteract the damage caused by heat styling products and daily brushing, so if you are using hot irons a lot or your ends are getting a little brittle these will really help give you nourished hair.
Thakyou for reading this post, I will be back with my mid week must have and other products im finding helpful. Hopefully I will be able to do a makeup post soon as I have loads of new products to show you :) XxX


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