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Autumn Drugstore Products

Autumn Drugstore Products.
Hi guys hope your ok, its getting really wintery now so I went shopping for some new autumn products and everything I got are products I have never used before which is exciting. I purchased all these from the drugstore Superdrug. So let get stuck in... these are what I got:
I purchased everything from Superdrug so they were pretty inexpensive!
The first thing I purchased was the Bourjois Happy Light Matte Primer £10.99. I have never tried a matte primer before as I have quite dry skin but during the day I do become shiny in the T-zone area. I normally like a dewy effect but as its nearing winter time I prefer a more matte finish. I really liked this product I found that it did actually work for me. I was not too fond of the smell but it did wear off, the feel was not as silky smooth as my normal primers  I think this is because its matte. It is very light on the skin an soaks in well, my foundation blended over it smoothly and it did stay matte too. I have also worn this just over my moisturiser and not work any makeup and my t-zone did not get greasy at all. I think for a drugstore product this is really work a try! this primer also come in a luminous version too.
The second thing  I got was this Sleek True Colour Lipstick Matte 792 £4.99.
I am obsessed with purple lipsticks at the moment and I was really pleased when I came across this one, most of the ones in the drugstore had a shine to them and I wanted a really pigmented and matte one. I have never tried this brand before but I have heard so much about it and I am a new fan!
I really like the consistency and the colour is so vibrant, I also like that there is no particular scent either. I love this colour for winter it really stands out with just eyeliner on.
The next thing I got was this Sleek Blush BY3 Palette in Pink Sprint 366 £9.99. Fist of all I like the feel and look of the packaging. I like that you get 3 good size blushes in one palette and the mirror is a good idea too. I picked this one as the colours are more deep and plum toned, you could mix these together or just use them on their own too. I like these for winter as I usually have more pale skin and I think these will look really nice!

Next to last I got this Maybelline 24hr Colour Tattoo in Metallic Pomegranate 70 £4.99. The colour is a kind of burgundy shade and I does have shimmer in too, I love this product as it is so easy to use. If you are not that confident using eye shadows or are now to it, these will be your safety net as you cant go wrong. You can use this as a base and blend in your other eye shadows or just use it on its own with mascara and it looks amazing, plus it WILL NOT move. it does not crease or move it looks the same when it time to take it off as it did when you out it on. I really love this product and I will be getting more of the colours, I found it to be super bendable. I think these are really great!

The final things I purchased were these L'Oreal Collection Privee Colour Riche Lipsticks £8.19. I love nude lipsticks I don't think you can have enough, and when L'Oreal advertised this collection dedicated to nudes I had to try them. I purchased the lightest pink which is Doutzen's Nude and the deeper nude that is Julianne's Nude. I love the packaging I think it looks expensive, however the only thing I an not fond of is the smell !!

The lightest looks quite sheer on the picture but it really nice and glossy on, it just adds a pop of colour, it also looks good on top of a lip pencil as it brings the colour out more. The darker shade is a slightly more reddish pink and it does have a shimmer in too. I wear these two all the time. I think it is hard to find a nice nude that does not wash you out but I really like these. there are shades in this collection or all skin tones so it you are looking for a nice nude check these out :)

So there are just a few supplies I got for winter, hope you liked this post and ill be back soon X


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