Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Mid Week Must Have!

My Mid Week Must Have
Hi everyone I wanted to start doing an extra post each week so I have decided to do my 'mid week must have'. During the week im going to share one thing (and it could be anything) that I am using and loving. Its not going to be a huge post just a little update on my week and what im using through the week.
So this week this is what I like:
I got this from Boots and it was £6.20. It is a nail and cuticle oil and the main reason I like it so much is that it is a ball roll on! It is perfect if you are on the go as you don't have to mess about with a nail varnish type brush applicator which can be messy if your not concentrating on what you are doing. I have never seen this application method before in a nail product , and I don't no why as is could not be more handy!! Its a must have in my handbag and I can use it anywhere any time :) I have had this for about a month now and you can hardly tell ive used it, you get 9ml in the bottle and a little goes a long way.
Don't let the word oil put you off either it is not greasy at all and it soaks in straight away making your nails look shiny and in good condition, I am outside all the time and have noticed my nails look in much better condition since I have been using it. I even use this when I have nail varnish on and it does not erode at all.
So that is my must have this week, I thought it was a really cool little gadget :) hope you are all having a good week. XxX


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