Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Mid Week Must Have!

My Mid Week Must Have!
Hey everyone hope you are all having a good week, my mid week must have this week is a short one again but its something im using all the time and love!
This is the Garnier  summer boy moisturiser, and its £7.00 for 400ml you can also buy a smaller size. you can buy this almost anywhere but I normally get it at ASDA. It is a moisturising body lotion which has a hint of tanning ingredient in which gradually builds up to a natural looking tan. this is the deep sun kissed one but you can get a lighter one too!
I found this a few weeks ago as I wanted to start using a body moisturiser again as my skin has gone really dry recently. I really like the moisturising qualities of this as it actually works! with many I use I find it feels nice for a couple of hours then tends to dry my skin out more.
I am also a massive fan of gradual tanners like this as a I have very fair skin. I don't usually use instant tanners as they are usually too dark and too orange on me and look really fake. Where as with this you can build the colour up to what you are comfortable with. This version is the deeper sun kissed look but you can get a lighter one. I find this fine for my skin tone, I find I have to use less product to achieve the colour I like too, I have used this for over a year now and I wouldn't use any other.
To use this I find the best time to apply is at night after my bath or shower, this is because I can wear loose clothing so it can soak in evenly. You could apply this any time this is just my preference. It soaks in really quickly and NEVER streaks, and the smell is really nice and fruity too due to the apricot extract. To get to the colour I like will apply it every day for about a week then go to every other day or even three times a week. I think the colour it gives is really nice, its not an 'orange' tan or neither is it a very dark tan that it looks like you have been on holiday, its just very nice and natural. I don't apply to my face however as I can just change my foundation to match the same colour.
*But you do have to wash your hands straight after you have applied it or you may get orange hands.
So overall another brill product you can get lovely soft smooth skin and get a lovely sun kissed look too. I think it makes me look more healthy and its keeping my skin really nice too. I hope you liked my post and ill be back soon. XxX


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