Saturday, 16 November 2013

My New MAC Lip For Winter!

My new MAC lip combo for winter!
Hey guys if you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you will know I did a little internet shopping! (Maybe too much). I haven't had time to review and try it all yet however I think I may have found my perfect lip colour for this season! A lot of you may already have it s it is very popular but for those who are not familiar with it im going to tell you all about it :) 
Im so excited about this as ive been looking for a lip colour like this for some time and these are the perfect mix. What im talking about is the MAC lip liner pencil in Nightmoth and MAC lipstick in Rebel. 

So the lip pencil is the darkest out of these two, it is a very dark plum/wine shade. It glides on super pigmented and it did glide on really nice. This is the only lip pencil from MAC I own and it is far better than anything I have used before! you could wear this on its own, just line the lips to get the shape or colour all you lips in... which is what I did.
The lipstick is the lighter of the two, again it is super pigmented and glides of really nice. Again this looks really nice on its own however not as dark as it does with this pencil under it. I only have a could of MAC lipsticks as we don't have a store near to where I live but I have not been disappointed with any that I have.

I think that this is the perfect colour for winter and would go with anything and any skin tone. For day time you could just wear it like I have today then for night just add a little more to your eyes. this stayed on all day it only wore off a little but you could not tell, I think the lip pencil really helped keep it in place.
This will definitely be my winter lip colour and im so happy I have found it finally! I will be posting more on the new things I brought soon, I hope you liked my post sorry its just a short one today! ill be back soon XxX

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