Sunday, 29 December 2013

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My 3 Favourite Highlighters!

Hi everyone hope you have all had a great Christmas :) today I am going to share my three favourite highlighters. They are a product which I use all the time and when applied correctly and to the right place take your makeup to the next level.

Highlighters are used to create the impression of a glow to skin and create another dimension to your makeup. It is usually applied to the areas of the face which the light catches, such as, the top of the cheek bones, down the bridge of the nose and the centre of the forehead. they can also create the illusion of a more lifted face such as highlighting under the brow bones makes then look more higher and lifted. Highlighters are a must have in your makeup bag and here are 3 I love:

This is MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Soft and Gentle £22.00. There are three different shades however I think this is the one that will suit anyone. I use this almost everyday and its beautiful. It is a perfect combination of silvery, rose and gold tones and is not glittery at all. I apply this last (using fingers or brush) to my cheekbones under the brows, the bridge of the nose and forehead, it also looks really nice in the corner of the eyes to make them pop. It may be a bit more expensive than some however for the amount of product you get you only need the smallest amount so it will last you a very long time. It blends really nice into the skin and it creates a really nice shimmer that catches in the light. This is overall the one I use the most and I love it because its goes perfectly all rounder and goes with any thing.  
Next is The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer £15.00 this is cheaper than the MAC one however you do get slightly less product. This is definitely a more warm gold toned highlighter very smooth and blendable and not glittery at all. I do think anyone can use this however I would suit the more warmer of skin tones, and makeup looks. I prefer to apply this with a brush as it can be a little too much for me as it is quite pigmented, I always make sure I tap away any excess before applying or buff it onto the back of my hand first. This is a very beautiful highlighter and is again one of the more popular ones.
This last one is the BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector in Pearl £33.00 This is a liquid highlighter and may seem expensive however you get 50ml which I think is great and it will last you so long! Again there are different shades but this is the one I think would suit any skin tone. This highlighter has a pump applicator and comes out a beautiful pearl cream there is no glitter particles at all its just pure shine. It blends beautifully into the skin and is perfect if you have dry skin and don't like to use powders I personally don't use any powder if im using this. There are many ways to use this product as it is a liquid. You can use this under your foundation to create a lovely glow. you can use this on its own say on holiday and you have a tan, a little of this will make your skin look glowy and healthy. You can use this as a normal highlighter just to the areas you want to pop. I apply this with a paddle foundation brush or a buffing brush, buffing it onto the back of my hand first. You do have to make sure that this is fully blended in correctly or it will not look right at all. There is a scent to this which im not to fond of however this is the most versatile out of them all and probably the most beautiful when applied in the right way. I no this is used on the red carpet and by celebrities to create glowing skin, it really is beautiful.
So there are my three faves! If you are not too confident you cant go wrong with the powders, just make sure you go for one which it not too glittery as the less glitter the more natural it looks. And if you do not use a highlighter you must try one, they make a massive difference. Hope you liked this post everyone and hope you all have a great New Years!! xox


Monday, 23 December 2013

Two Things Im Loving!

Hi everyone and welcome back to my blog, the past week has been so hectic and I have been away in London (which was amazing) which is why I did not do a post last week :(  Today to make up for it im going to do the product I would have wrote about last week with the product of this week.

I am doing my post today as it is Christmas week and I have no idea what I will be up to yet but I wanted to make sure I did leave this out! I still have lots to organise I don't usually sit down until its time for the big dinner haha. Hope you are all enjoying the party season so far :)

so the first thing I want to share is this face mask from Superdrug and it is also by Superdrug. Im so annoyed I cant find the price I paid but im sure it was only a few pounds and you get 75ml. I chose this as I didn't want anything fancy I just wanted something extra to keep me hydrated. I have never used a face mask before and I like this as it is so easy to use. I apply by massaging it all over the face except for the lip and eye are. Then leave it on for 10-15 mins then pat any extra moisture off. It is a clear cream consistency so you can not see you have it on and there is no scent to it either which I like. I use this 2-3 times a week and it really is working. My skin feels so nice and hydrated and it hasn't caused my any breakout problems or anything. This is recommended for normal to dry skin which I would agree with as its purpose is to hydrate the skin. I really like this product and I will definitely carry on using it through the winter for extra miniaturisation. Superdrug also do this mask in different typed to suit different skin types too so give it a look!

 The second product is this Sleek palette from Superdrug and this was £9.99 in the colour Lace. First off, I have not been using this brand for very long however I have not yet had anything bad to say about it. I love the packaging, it feels and looks really nice and I love that they make good palettes. I got this one about 2 weeks ago and have used nothing else since!

I no coral colours are usually used in spring/summer however I don't think these are super warm tones plus I don't think it matters what you use as long as it suits you :) The colour on the right is what I have been using the most, its a lovely pink/coral shade and its matte. I think its perfect in between of the two tones and it really brightens up the face. This middle shade is the only shimmer shade and I have been applying this over the top of the other one for more glow. this also looks really nice on its own! I have not used the far left one yet I think it may be a bit orange for me however this would look really nice on darker skin tones, the middle you be a lovely highlighter too. This is by far my favourite product from sleek so far, I like that they consider all skin tones these colours would suit any, plus the pigmentation its great too!  

So they are my 2 favourite products for last week and this week! I am going to try and do as many posts as I can over Christmas and new year, I hope you all have a great time guys! XxX 

Monday, 16 December 2013

The Perfect Bronzer!

Hi everyone, so its party season and its time to get the fake tan out! im sure we are all looking a paler than usual but in the festive season its still nice to have warm glow :) I recently did a post on the gradual tanner im using and its looking good however, I don't like to use self tanners on my face as they usually don't agree with me plus that's what makeup is for :)

Im going to show you a bronzer that I have been using all the time :)
This is the CHANEL Soliel Tan De Chanel and it was £31.00. I would not usually spend this on a bronzer however I heard good things about it.
First of all look at the packaging, its so beautiful :) this bronzer is a cream-gel bronzer, and is suitable so all skin types and tones. I love the texture most of all, its silky smooth and just melts into the skin. I apply this using the real techniques buffing brush, its pretty sheer at first which I like as you can build it up to suit you. There are so many ways to use this bronzer, you can wear it on its own for just a sheer glow, over your foundation for a for tanned look and also to contour your face. If you have a paler skin tone this is not to dark or orange it looks really nice on the skin, also if you are dry, you can keep the glow of the foundation by using instead of a powder bronzer so it looks even more natural.
overall im pleased with my purchase, you get a good amount of product and you don't need much so I no it will last me. A lovely product and great for this time of year :) Thank you for reading guys XxX


Thursday, 12 December 2013

My Mid Week Must Have!

Hey eveyone, just a short one today for my mid week must have. Ive been using this for a couple of weeks now and its really helping in this cold weather. 

This is the REN skincare active 7 eye gel. I have this in sample size, however you can purchase this for £20.00 for 15ml. 

Im always excited to try new skincare as mine is so dry and sensitive! I liked the look of this as it says its hydrating, cooling and helps prevent puffyness, dark circles. At the moment my eyes are sore and dry being out in this weather all day and this has been helping prevent it. I do normally prefer creams but this gel is really soothing. I apply it under the eyes and also on the eyelid too, it is more moisturising than i would have expected for a gel too. It is fragrance free which i like and it suitable for all skin types. 

Overall a good eye gel, this is really hydrating and will not disturb any makeup you apply over the top either. Thanku for reading :) XxX 

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Winter Fashion Haul!

Winter Fashion Haul!
Hey everyone, first of all sorry there was no mid week must have this week, I just didnt really like or use anything last week and I was mega busy :(. Today Im going to do something a bit different and share some of the winter clothes I have brought over the past month, the weather has definitely changed now and I needed some new pieces as I have thrown out quite a lot from last year. All are from Matalan which I have been obsessed with recently apart from one which is from ASOS.
First lets start with my favourite thing Ive brought this year, these boots are from ASOS and where £42.00. I have been searching for a pair of these boots for ages, I am soo fussy when it comes to shoes and I don't buy them very often really. I prefer to buy shoes that I can wear with most things so I can make sure I get good use out of them. These Chelsea style boots are really in this year and im so glad I found them. I chose these firstly as I wanted ones which go nice with jeans and casual wear for shopping and going out in the day time, these are nice for that due to the detail on the heel. The heel is separate from the wedge of the shoe giving the appearance that the heel is smaller, so you don't look like you are wearing massive heels just to go shopping. they are also really comfy to walk around in all day. The second reason I chose them is because I wanted something I can also wear for nights out too. I will no longer have to moan my feet hurt and will actually be able for walk as they are not too high :) overall these are all round perfect for me, they are not too high, they look great with anything day or night and they are super comfy :) 

Now onto all my Matalan goodies :) I got these little midi rings and they were £5.00. I thought these were really cute and I liked they colours of the stones. I love wearing loads of rings at the moment and these look nice stacked together or on different fingers and with other rings too. Matalan have some really nice jewellery and the prices are great too. (I don't know where this ring holder is from it was a gift, but its so pretty :) )

Next I got these gloves for £10.00 these are real leather, with a fleece lining inside, I chose these are they are pretty thick for leather gloves, the lining inside is what makes them pretty thick and this means they are extra warm! I wanted leather gloves as they have good grip which is good for driving too. I think these are going be more hard wearing than normal fleece gloves and im sure they will with me at all time over the winter :) 

Next is this printed Kimono, I purchased this for £16.00 however on the website it is now £12.00 I have so many of these in my wardrobe im obsessed, mainly because they just go with anything! I chose this as the colours are more wintery and the pattern is so pretty, you can wear these in the day time or dress them up for nigh too! Love love love!
Last but not least is this jumper I have been living in for the past couple of weeks, it was £25.00 which I thought was a great price for a good jumper! I really like the pattern and I also like that it is a good length, its slightly longer at the back which stops you getting cold! Another plus is the length of the sleeves I always find a lot of jumpers on me the sleeves are too short whereas this fits me perfectly :) Matalan have some lovely winter jumpers in this year and they are really good quality too.
So there are a few winter goodies ive brought recently all I no ill get my wear out of. Thank you for reading and ill be back soon :) XxX 


Monday, 2 December 2013

My Five Faves Of November.

My Five Faves Of November!
Hi everyone and thank you for reading my blog. We are finally in December and im getting excited for Christmas now :). I have such a busy month but its going to be so much fun! As its the start of a new month im going to share my five favourite products of last month, there are probably more than 5 products I have been enjoying the past month but I did not want to ramble on so I narrowed it down to 5. they are all new products too me too which purchased not long ago.
so here they are, some of you will probably already have these or have used these before, they are new to me so and im excited o share my reviews on them.

Lets kick off with the first one the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz Pencil.
As the eyebrows are becoming more and more popular, there has been so much hype about this brand and its products. It is hard to find it in the UK I only found it on one website ... The first time I tried it I realised why everyone loves it so much! The pencil is a twist style and it is very fine too, the texture is really nice, its very strong and will not crumble like others I have tried however it glides on so smoothly. I also like that it had a comb on the end so you can keep brushing through to get a perfect brow. With this pencil you can achieve the airbrushed affect that is very popular or you can just fill them in a little so they look very natural. To round up, I love this pencil its deffinately one of the best on the market, I wish it was in stores in this country though!!
Carrying on with the theme next is the Anasatia Beverly Hills Tinted Brow Gel.
I also heard that this product was also very popular so I purchased this off the same website. If you are unsure on your shade there is also a clear one too. I have never tried a brow gel before so I don't have any to compare it too. I do really like this product, the pigment is not too much so it does not look like paint on your eyebrows, it also does not clump either. I like that you can use tis with or without any other product, if you are in a rush you can just apply this for a quick fix! it looks really natural on the brows and they really do not move :)
Next is my new foundation MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation
I wanted a new foundation for winter as most of mine have a dewy finish and I wanted one which has more of a matte finish. This has a SPF of 15 so I don't think it would cause too much flash back if any in photos I have not had this problem anyway. It says it has a natural matte finish which I would agree with, I have dry skin so do not have to set this with powder. I am happy with it, I think the coverage could be a bit more for me I thought it would have more cover than it has, but it is definitely buildable. I like to apply this with my beauty blender to get the best finish on the skin.
Next is the MAC Pro-Longwear Concealer

I have wanted to try this for ages its just so annoying that there is no MAC store close to me! I purchased this and my foundation from the Debenhams website. I like pump applicator as it is more sanitary however you do get more than you need. The coverage is really good and it does not sit in fine lines either. I find it does stay for a long time and, I only set it with a little powder too. At the moment I am using this when I highlight and contour and I am very pleased with it.
Last is the Maybelline Mega Plush Volume Express Mascara.
I am always buying new mascaras I like to change to different ones to try them. I like this because of the brush, the bristles are very fine and it really fans out the lashes. Just below the brush there is a little nick in the want, this makes it quite bendy, I like this when you apply as there is a give in the wand it does not let you apply too much it applies really finely. I really prefer this compared with my old one as it is not clumpy at all and you can add more layers with it not looking too heavy. I don't think you can go wrong with Maybelline mascaras they have some amazing ones.
So there is my 5 favourites I hope you liked it and maybe give one of them a go, and don't forget to share your views on them with commenting :) XxX


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