Monday, 23 December 2013

Two Things Im Loving!

Hi everyone and welcome back to my blog, the past week has been so hectic and I have been away in London (which was amazing) which is why I did not do a post last week :(  Today to make up for it im going to do the product I would have wrote about last week with the product of this week.

I am doing my post today as it is Christmas week and I have no idea what I will be up to yet but I wanted to make sure I did leave this out! I still have lots to organise I don't usually sit down until its time for the big dinner haha. Hope you are all enjoying the party season so far :)

so the first thing I want to share is this face mask from Superdrug and it is also by Superdrug. Im so annoyed I cant find the price I paid but im sure it was only a few pounds and you get 75ml. I chose this as I didn't want anything fancy I just wanted something extra to keep me hydrated. I have never used a face mask before and I like this as it is so easy to use. I apply by massaging it all over the face except for the lip and eye are. Then leave it on for 10-15 mins then pat any extra moisture off. It is a clear cream consistency so you can not see you have it on and there is no scent to it either which I like. I use this 2-3 times a week and it really is working. My skin feels so nice and hydrated and it hasn't caused my any breakout problems or anything. This is recommended for normal to dry skin which I would agree with as its purpose is to hydrate the skin. I really like this product and I will definitely carry on using it through the winter for extra miniaturisation. Superdrug also do this mask in different typed to suit different skin types too so give it a look!

 The second product is this Sleek palette from Superdrug and this was £9.99 in the colour Lace. First off, I have not been using this brand for very long however I have not yet had anything bad to say about it. I love the packaging, it feels and looks really nice and I love that they make good palettes. I got this one about 2 weeks ago and have used nothing else since!

I no coral colours are usually used in spring/summer however I don't think these are super warm tones plus I don't think it matters what you use as long as it suits you :) The colour on the right is what I have been using the most, its a lovely pink/coral shade and its matte. I think its perfect in between of the two tones and it really brightens up the face. This middle shade is the only shimmer shade and I have been applying this over the top of the other one for more glow. this also looks really nice on its own! I have not used the far left one yet I think it may be a bit orange for me however this would look really nice on darker skin tones, the middle you be a lovely highlighter too. This is by far my favourite product from sleek so far, I like that they consider all skin tones these colours would suit any, plus the pigmentation its great too!  

So they are my 2 favourite products for last week and this week! I am going to try and do as many posts as I can over Christmas and new year, I hope you all have a great time guys! XxX 

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