Sunday, 8 December 2013

Winter Fashion Haul!

Winter Fashion Haul!
Hey everyone, first of all sorry there was no mid week must have this week, I just didnt really like or use anything last week and I was mega busy :(. Today Im going to do something a bit different and share some of the winter clothes I have brought over the past month, the weather has definitely changed now and I needed some new pieces as I have thrown out quite a lot from last year. All are from Matalan which I have been obsessed with recently apart from one which is from ASOS.
First lets start with my favourite thing Ive brought this year, these boots are from ASOS and where £42.00. I have been searching for a pair of these boots for ages, I am soo fussy when it comes to shoes and I don't buy them very often really. I prefer to buy shoes that I can wear with most things so I can make sure I get good use out of them. These Chelsea style boots are really in this year and im so glad I found them. I chose these firstly as I wanted ones which go nice with jeans and casual wear for shopping and going out in the day time, these are nice for that due to the detail on the heel. The heel is separate from the wedge of the shoe giving the appearance that the heel is smaller, so you don't look like you are wearing massive heels just to go shopping. they are also really comfy to walk around in all day. The second reason I chose them is because I wanted something I can also wear for nights out too. I will no longer have to moan my feet hurt and will actually be able for walk as they are not too high :) overall these are all round perfect for me, they are not too high, they look great with anything day or night and they are super comfy :) 

Now onto all my Matalan goodies :) I got these little midi rings and they were £5.00. I thought these were really cute and I liked they colours of the stones. I love wearing loads of rings at the moment and these look nice stacked together or on different fingers and with other rings too. Matalan have some really nice jewellery and the prices are great too. (I don't know where this ring holder is from it was a gift, but its so pretty :) )

Next I got these gloves for £10.00 these are real leather, with a fleece lining inside, I chose these are they are pretty thick for leather gloves, the lining inside is what makes them pretty thick and this means they are extra warm! I wanted leather gloves as they have good grip which is good for driving too. I think these are going be more hard wearing than normal fleece gloves and im sure they will with me at all time over the winter :) 

Next is this printed Kimono, I purchased this for £16.00 however on the website it is now £12.00 I have so many of these in my wardrobe im obsessed, mainly because they just go with anything! I chose this as the colours are more wintery and the pattern is so pretty, you can wear these in the day time or dress them up for nigh too! Love love love!
Last but not least is this jumper I have been living in for the past couple of weeks, it was £25.00 which I thought was a great price for a good jumper! I really like the pattern and I also like that it is a good length, its slightly longer at the back which stops you getting cold! Another plus is the length of the sleeves I always find a lot of jumpers on me the sleeves are too short whereas this fits me perfectly :) Matalan have some lovely winter jumpers in this year and they are really good quality too.
So there are a few winter goodies ive brought recently all I no ill get my wear out of. Thank you for reading and ill be back soon :) XxX 


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