Thursday, 9 January 2014

5 Steps To Conceal!

We have all been the victim of the dreaded blemish and it always usually pops up at the wrong time and it can be embarrassing too. weather you are prone to getting them or only get them once in a while its always helpful to know how best to conceal them. I don't usually get them too often but its that time of year that we all get run down with the cold and flu, and its usually then we are more likely to get them. I don't change my skincare routine I just let them go in their own time but I do need extra cover when I do my makeup.

I wanted to share 5 simple steps to make sure your blemishes are concealed for the whole day so I lets go:

1. Use a green coloured primer. This will help reduce the redness, as well as make sure your makeup stays all day. This is also a good choice if you have red pigmentation in your skin.

2. Use a concealer designed for covering blemishes NOT for example an under eye or highlighting concealer as these more sheer or brightening and you don't want to draw attention to and are we want to hide.

3. Use a concealer that is the exact same colour as your foundation. Too dark or too light will draw attention to the area you want to conceal. I personally like to apply concealer after foundation then I only need to touch up what that hasn't already covered.

4. When applying weather it be with your fingers, a sponge or small brush it is always best to dab and pat the concealer onto the area you want to cover as this provides the best coverage.

5. Use a setting powder to set your makeup. This will make sure nothing moves, you can either use a shade the same as your foundation for more coverage or a translucent powder. Use the same technique when applying as above, press it onto the skin instead of buffing as you don't want to move around what you have just spent time applying.

So just a short post today Ill be back over the weekend. Hope you found this helpful :)

Zoe x 

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