Sunday, 19 January 2014

BareMinerals Get Started Kit!

Hi everyone today I wanted to do a little review on this BareMinerals get started kit £50.00. I brought this for my mum for Christmas as she hasn't really got much makeup and I wanted to treat her! I chose this brand as I have heard so many good things about it and I though this kit was such a brilliant idea as you get everything you need to get started.

(sorry about the picture quality my phone is playing up I think)
So this is what it looks like, the empty space on the right is where you chose your colour of foundation. In this kit you get full size foundation which was great!

I was so happy with everything you get in this kit, I think it could be made better by having a blusher however you don't really need it as you get the warmth all over face powder:
Booklet guide
DVD guide
Full size foundation
Mineral Veil
Prime time 15ml
Full flawless face brush
Flawless application brush
Maximum cover concealer brush
This kit is perfect if you have never tried this brand before or if you are new to makeup in general, Firstly because you get everything you need and you only have to get colour matched for your foundation all the other products can be used on all skin tones which makes it much more simple. secondly because they have made it so easy for you to understand and learn how to use everything. The booklet shows you what you have in the kit and what they are all used for. The DVD Shows and explains further how to apply each product with the brushed you get. It also shows you extra stages such as using their eye shadows and  blushes too.
So ill tell you further about the products you get in this kit:
The Prime time is to apply all over the face, this makes you makeup last longer and apply on more smoothly.
You chose your foundation I chose the original one as give a natural finish with a little glow. you can use your chosen application brush to apply depending on what coverage you want.
The Warmth, is an all over face powder for any skin tone, you only need the smallest amount and apply this to the areas of the face the sun would hit. this adds depth and warmth to your complexion
The Mineral veil is a translucent finishing powder which will hold everything in place all day. This absorbs oil, and minimize the look of fine lines and pores.
So overall this is a perfect gift idea for someone or for yourself :) the products are great quality and great for your skin. A little product goes a long way too, they are super blendable and feel so comfy on your skin. I like that they are suitable for all skin types and tones and the colour ranges are great. This brand really knows what its customers want and need. I will definitely be treating my mum to more!
Zoe x


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