Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Mid Week Must Have!

Hey everyone its time for my mid week must have and this week its...

This week its the Bourjois effet 3D lip gloss, £7.99 in shade 51. I got this from superdrug about 2 weeks ago and I have worn nothing else since. I have been looking for an everyday gloss for some time now however the drugstore ones tend to be a bit too glittery and sticky. These caught my eye as they were not as glittery, they only have a small amount of shimmer in them and there are some like this one which has no glitter or shimmer particles at all. I loved the colour too, I did try to swatch it for you but because of the light you cold hardly see it. it is a lovely sheer nude pink and... it smells of love hearts too!! it looks great on its own or over a nude lipstick just to add a bit more shine. It also says it offers 8hr moisture, and even though I find I do have to re-apply through the day it is moisturising. It does not dry my lips out at all and its very comfy to wear too.

This was my favourite colour at the time however there are some other really nice nudes I will also try, it will suit anybody and is perfect for everyday as it just adds a little extra colour and shine. What is your everyday lip gloss?

P.s Hopefully I will be getting a new camera this weekend so I will be able to take better pictures for you :) im so excited, so if I do I will do I post at the weekend!

Zoe x


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  1. I would love to try this out, Bourjois is one of my favourites :) x


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