Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Mid Week Must Have!

Hey everyone its time again for my mid week must and this week im loving ...

These 2 face masks from lush! I have never brought anything from or been into lush as I have always thought is was just soaps and bath salts, plus I thought their products were all very perfumed and whould not agree with my sensitive skin. HOW WRONG WAS I!! Im really into face masks at the moment as the weather is battering my skin, I saw jacklyn hill talk about one of these masks on youtube and I thought id go have a look! I think I have a new little obsession with these products now. I love that all of their products are made from natural ingredients and their pots are all made from recycled plastic. Plus all of the cosmetics are hand made and on my masks they also tell you who made it and when! How cool is that. 

So I read through all the masks to see what was most suitable for my skin and unfortunately they use almonds and their oil in alot of them and i am massively allergic to nuts :( however i did find some that i could try so i piked these: 

Mask of magnaminty £5.25:As you can see by the name this has a nice minty scent to it. This is mainly aimed towards oily skin types which are prone to blemishes. It can also be used anywhere on the body in times of breakouts which I thought was a really good idea. I have used this a few times now and although im not oily I did like it. I only left it on for around 5 minitues as I started to feel a little dried out, you can leave it on for up to 10 minutes though. This mask is really nice and cooling on the skin you can also feel it a tightening sensation too. I liked how my skin looked after i has washed it off, my pores in the T-zone area were smaller and my skin looked really clean and healthy! Overall a myst try for oily skin tones, I will deffinately use this again. 

Cupcake £5.95: This was my favourite out of the two and not just because it smells like your rubbing chocolate all over your face! This is aimed towards younger teenage skin and oily skin types however I actually found this quite moisturising. I left this on for the full 10 minutes and it did not feel drying at all. I used this two days in a row and the small blemishes i did have were gone! My skin looked really nice after and I have been getting complements too! Overall I think this will be my regular mask from now on, plus who doesnt smell like chocolate all day :) 

So there you go, sorry I have rambled a little. Im really excited i have found this brand, I really like its values as a company and the product range is massive they have everything, and from what I have tried they are great and really work! Im already window shopping on what im getting next :) 

                            Zoe x 

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