Friday, 14 February 2014

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines day everyone, hope you are all having a good day and are getting ready for the weekend :) I have been off and looking after my poorly puppy today so I am only just getting round to do my valentines post. I must admit I find the whole romantic meal thing a little cheesy so I do prefer to stay in on valentines day, which is why we are having a takeaway tonight instead. Writing this post is helping take my mind off how hungry I am right now, I don't want to eat anything and ruin tea later though :( Even though I am staying in I have still got into the spirit with these goodies which I am going to call my valentines favourites...

First off today im wearing a new t-shirt and socks I got from Matalan. The socks came in a pack of 5 with different patterns and I just thought they were really cute. I don't think you can have too many socks and I always get mine from here. I love the t-shirt too, not only because it suits todays theme, but because I love to wear just simple t-shits jeans and boots, you cant go wrong with that look!

Next I am wearing my favourite earrings, they are the Swarovski Angelic Earrings. I have lots of different pairs from when I used to work there,however I love these the most as they are so sparkly! and who doesn't feel a million dollars wearing Swarovski! They are a must for valentines.

To continue on with the sparkle I have used The Balm Mary Lou Manizer, This is my favourite highlighter and I always use it on special occasions to make my skin look glowing.

If your going on a date this valentines you wanna smell good, so here are my favourite fragrances. My favourite body spray of all time is by Hollister its so fruity and fresh and smells of watermelon. My favourite perfume is Chanel Chance its fresh and summery and lasts all day, I get so many complements wearing this and I love that is smells just the same when you first spray it in the morning to when you get in at night.

My valentines nail products are firstly by Asdas George. This is a manicure base coat and it a very sheer pale pink, I like this as it s girly and it makes my nails look really healthy with only a slight hint of colour. My seconded one is by BarryM this is a light pink glitter nail varnish, (Im not sure if they make this exact on any more) It looks great on top of plain colours and adds another bit of sparkle to your look, all their nail varnishes are great though.

Finally my favourite lip products. First is the Maybelline Baby Lips the best lip balm ever! Its super hydrating and I like that it is a little glossy too so you can wear this over a lipstick so add shine, or just on its own (it looks just as good). Last is my favourite lip gloss Bourjois Effet 3D lip gloss, I did a post on this not long ago so I wont go into a lot of detail, but I just think it goes with any makeup look, and is you don't want to look too made up on your date, this is just enough pop of colour.   

So they are my valentines favourites, im wearing most of them today. I thought id finish off with  showing you my makeup today, its just super neutral as usual and I did something a little different with my hair too :) Have a lovely night whatever you are doing and ill be back soon.

Zoe x 



  1. That T-Shirt is so lovely!
    Nice blog
    Becca x

  2. Lovely post and great photos though I would have liked to see those beautiful earrings in your ears.I loved your blog and followed. I would be really chuffed if you said hi over at


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