Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Mid Week Must Have!

Hiya everyone its time for my mid week must have again! I might be going out this weekend and because its winter im more pale than ever, so I have been using this this week to get my skin ready for the weekend. I don't use self tanners very often as im naturally pretty fair skinned which I don't mind however if im going on a night out I like to have a bit of a glow.

So this week my must have is the Fake Bake Radiant Golden Glow self tanning lotion. I chose this brand as I no its popular and a few people I no have used various products from their range. I decided to go for this particular one as it is specifically for fair skin. (You don't have to be fair skinned to use this however if you are used to using tanners it wont be as dark but it will give you a golden glow). The smell is really nice and reminds me of holidays, and it also comes with a pair of gloves to apply it with. The lotion is just like a normal body lotion in a light brown colour and is just as easy to apply, it soaks in straight away so you are able to get dressed straight after and I have never had any streaking issues with it at all! For this time of year I really like the shade you get with this as it is not too dark, in the winter I would usually use a darker one. I apply this every night 4-7 days before I am going out as this is a gradual tanner you can build the colour up to what you want, which is great as you can chose what suits you best. I love the natural golden colour I get with this, as it is more sheer than normal self tanners its not too in your face and unnatural looking. Overall its one of the best self tanners I have used and I like that they have thought about a tanner for more fair skinned people like me :). It does not dry out my skin nor does it irritate it at all, it makes my skin look really healthy and it makes me feel more confident.

To get the best results I use the Fake Bake Body Polish to exfoliate before I apply the self tanner, this is the most important step when it comes to using any self tanners as it helps avoid streaking, (this also has the most amazing fruity smell too!) I then apply the Fake Bake Oil Free Moisturiser to tricky areas such as the ankles, knees and elbows to make sure the tanning lotion applies evenly and does not streak.
                                                             Zoe x


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