Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Mid Week Must Have!

Hi everyone, I no on my Friday post I was said on Saturday I wanted to do a makeup look for you however as I was nominated for the liebster award I spent most of the day doing that. So I will be doing it this weekend instead.

Catch up done its time for my must have for the week, today it is Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama eyeliner. I got this when I went shopping at Superdrug last week. And before I start I just want to have a little rant! Im finding it more and more often that people are ignoring the testers to products, and its not just the front product that's opened, its the seconded a third etc. I cant understand why anyone would do this but I think that the shops really need to keep an eye on this as the displays are looking really messy and they need to be kept tidy and  fully replenished! it puts me off buying products.

So that over... This is a gel liner which you can get in other shades and it also comes with a brush which I really like and mentioned in my last post. I have seen a lot of people talking about this and I don't no where I have been that I haven't tried this sooner. The texture of this is so silky smooth I love it and it glides on really nice, this would be a good product if you are new to gel liner as the texture makes it easy to get straight lines. This is also the blackest eyeliner I've ever used it really stands out and I like the finish of it when its dries. It has brilliant staying power although I have not used this a lot of times it has never budged, smudged or anything. With a lot of eyeliners with good staying power I always find it hard to cleanse off, however this comes with my cleanser so easy which means I don't have to scrub my eyes to get it off. Its a lovely product and I think I will be sticking to this one from now on, how cool is the little pot it comes in too!

                Zoe x



  1. I agree with your issue with testers!
    I feel like whenever there is a beauty product im set on
    the second third (which is usually the last) is open!!!!!!!!
    Dani xo

  2. Its really annoying isn't it I would never do it! It does always seem to be when you want a particular thing too x


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