Saturday, 22 February 2014

My 5 favourite Brushes!

Hi everyone hope your having a good weekend. I did not do a post yesterday as I went out for the day shopping with my mum which was really nice. I could not decide on what to post today as I was going to share what I brought yesterday however I wanted to try them all out first before I told you about them. So then I was going to do a makeup look for you but as im going out tonight I didn't what to irritate my skin by doing my makeup twice so im planning on doing that tomorrow. So... as I have cleaned my brushes this morning I decided to show you 5 of my favourites.

I have a lot of brushes, but I do keep all my kit brushes separate from my personal ones. These brushes im showing you today are few of my personal ones which I love and use most days. From left to right...

I  brought this from boots and I use this everyday unless Im not wearing makeup. I love how versatile this brush is, it is tapered which means its cut into more of a point at the top. This makes it really easy to contour with. You also apply your blusher and any other powders you want to with this. I like that this brush is super soft and fine at the ends so it does not collect loads of product. It applies the products evenly and fine to the skin and you can build up to the depth of products you want. An all round brilliant brush and a must have for your make-up bag.

I also brought this from boots. This brush is perfect for applying any cream or liquid products. I mainly use this for my every day foundation, the brush is very dense and creates a flawless finish. You can create any base you like from sheer to a full coverage with this by applying a little more product and buffing it into the skin. I love the shape as you can get into all the areas of the face, I even blend my under eye concealer with this. Its great as well for cream contouring as it is small enough to get into the hollows of your cheeks and soft enough to really blend it out. You can also apply your cream blush and highlight with this too, again its such a versatile bush!

When it comes to eye shadow blending is key, an I find this to be great. Its super soft so it blends really quick and easy and it makes sure there are no harsh lines to you makeup look. Its a must have brush to your collection.

I use this brush most of the time when using eye shadows. Its great for applying powder and cream shadows, and as its quite dense its great for packing on colour. Due to the size it fits perfectly into the crease to create definition, and its also great for smudging out eyeliner top and bottom to create the perfect smoky eye! I use this sometimes to also apply my under eye concealer and to do any pinpoint concealing I need.  

This brush actually comes with the eyeliner linked above and I absolutely love it. The shape of the brush allows you to create really straight lines and I find it very comfy to use as its quite short. I cant explain the shape but its unlike a usual very fine eyeliner brush, I actually find it a lot easier!! I have recently just brought the Maybelline Eye Studio liner and you get virtually the same brush in there too. I really like the eyeliner of both of these products so they are great if you a new to gel liner as you don't have to purchase a brush too.

So they are my 5 favourite brushes I use most days, hope you found this helpful and ill be back tomorrow.

Zoe x


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