Sunday, 16 February 2014

New MAC Eyeshadows!

Hey everyone, hope you have all had a great weekend, I haven't done that much really just bits and bobs. Im on a massive mission at the moment to organise my makeup storage and decorate my room, as im getting fed up of the mess ha, so I have been looking for ideas this weekend. If you have any recommendations on storage please share :) I could do with some help. So catch up over... if you follow me on my other accounts you will know I have recently completed my qualification in makeup artistry, and for a year I have been constantly building my kit! Although I have a few MAC products until now I have not owned any of their eye shadows. I no you will all be thinking what rock have I been living under?!?! I no I no, but I have numerous amounts of eye shadow palettes that I never really needed any more! The one thing I have found im lacking in was the amount of matte eye shadows, so I took this chance (and a voucher I had for Christmas) and went to MAC...    

I know most of you will own these eye shadows or will own most other products from MAC however the reason I don't is that there is no store anywhere near me :(  Im not fully confident of buying online as you can not be fully sure on the shades of product and there is so much choice, therefore if I want to purchase anything it means a full day shopping in Manchester, (not really complaining). I purchased all of these from Selfridges in the Trafford Centre, the girl who helped me chose them was super nice and so helpful I was really happy with what we picked out!!  

Top Row: Left-Right: Brule, Ricepaper, Wedge
Bottom Row: Left-Right: Rule, Folie, Carbon

I wanted to start off with 6 mostly matte shades as I could not afford to fill a whole palette, however I wanted enough to be able to do numerous looks with. With these I think you could create anything from a fresh nude barely there eye, to a very smokey one. The pigmentation is great and I love that MAC do the pan refills as you can make whatever palette you wish.

I also treated myself to the Palette to as its easy to carry around in my kit. However seeing all the empty sockets is making me want to buy more!! The main reason I wanted to share this with you is just to show you that you don't have to own all the eye shadows in the world in every shade to be able to create any look! Just having these 6 are so versatile and I have since created a different look every time I have used them. These are brilliant shades to start off your collection and ill keep you posted to which ones I add to mine.

                                                     Zoe x



  1. What great shades to start a Mac collection with! I keep meaning to go get a palette and de-pot all my eyeshadows! Lovely post!

  2. Thank you, I just need to collect more now :)


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