Friday, 28 March 2014

How To Make Your Makeup Last All Day: 10 Tips!

Hey everyone and welcome back, today im going to give some tips on something all of us makeup lovers have to deal with... keeping your makeup looking the same all day. I personally hate having to re-apply different products throughout the day. Weather you have dry or oily skin, makeup can tend to move around a little so here are a few things you can do to help prevent this.

1. Prep your skin properly. Cleansing and moisturising your skin before applying makeup is very important as it creates the base all makeup is applied to. Use a moisturiser suitable to your personal skin type, for example for oily skin a moisturiser that helps prevent you getting oily through the day will help stop foundation moving around. For dry skins a really hydrating moisturiser will help prevent you from drying out through the day.

2. Use a Primer. There are so many primers on the market, if you have combination to oily skin using a primer that is matifying and that fills in pores will help stop you from getting shiny and oily through the day and stop makeup moving around. For dry skin a primer may not be as important, however using one which is hydrating will help stop makeup drying out also a primer does help to stop makeup settling in fine lines.

3. Set your makeup with powder. Setting with any sort of powder will help keep your base in place, if you feel like it looks a little matte you can always apply some highlighter to add a glow. Especially set under eye concealer as this will stop concealer settling in fine lines and looking cakey during the day.

4. Use cream blushes under powder ones. Using a cream blush then a powder one over the top will keep the colour on your face all day without it wearing off. This tip can also be using with contour products.

5. Use an eyebrow gel. These can be clear or the same colour as your brows they will set any powder and all hairs in place so they will not move all day.

6. Prime the eyes. Use an eye shadow primer or a concealer to create a sticky base for powder eye shadow to keep them in place all day.

7. Use cream eye shadows. Cream eye shadows are more likely to last all day, they will not settle in fine lines or move around or will they drop down onto your face. You can also use cream eye shadows as your primer and setting them with powder shadows for extra security and pigmentation.

8. Apply eye shadow over gel or liquid liner to set. Applying an eye shadow over your liner will set it in place so it will not wear off through the day

9. Use a lip liner all over the lips. This helps make your lipstick last as long as possible.

10. Use a setting spray. These do work and fix your makeup in place for the day. There are all different kinds for oil control, hydrating and heatproof to suit your personal preference.

So there are a few of my tips im sure a lot of you will already know some of these but I hope you find a few of them useful. Thank you and ill be back tomorrow.

Zoe x



  1. What would you recommend as the best setting powder? Great post :)

    Ellie xx |

    1. Hey I have a few but for loose powder I like ben Nye and for pressed powder I always use the rimmel one, its a really good price too I use the translucent one but I think it also comes in different shades, its the one I use most of the time :) x

  2. Is fix+ any good? I really want to try it but its kind of pricey and don't know if its worth it :) xx

    1. hey, yea I personally think its worth it, It does make my makeup last a lot longer, I use it all the time. urban decay are well known for their fix sprays too so you could look into those too x


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