Saturday, 19 April 2014

L'Oreal Colour Riche Nail Varnish

Hello, and welcome back yesterday I nipped into boots and picked up a few new things, I didnt want to write about them all until I had tried them, but these I have tested today so I wanted to tell you what I thought. I am really not a nail varnish person at all, I have never had nice nails as I used to bite them all the time, and I don't particularly like them or take care of them! They are actually quite long now and while I was shopping these caught my eye. I never buy nail varnish and hardly own any so I wanted some nice summery colours that I can wear all the time and these are the 3 which I thought were perfect...

They are the L'Oreal Colour Riche Nail Varnishes and they were £4.99 and there was a 3 for 2 offer on at the time which Is why I chose 3. First is the number 851 Nouvelle Vague it is a lovely cool pastel lilac/blue pastels are perfect for summer time and I also this that the look nice with any other colour as they are not really both. Seconded is 208 So Chic Pink This is a lovely warm coral colour its almost like a burnt orange shade. I thought that this was a really summery colour which will look really nice and stand out with a tan, I wanted a bold colour as I don't have one and I thought tis would also be quite versatile and go with my summery clothes. I also have a lipstick that matches too! Finally I picked 856 Peach Neglige this is an off white cream shade, I would also say it has an almost invisible pinky warm undertone (if that makes sense) I thought this would look quite different and also look really nice with tan. This shade is good for when you paint one nail a different colour from the rest, I was thinking you could do this with either of the other colours I chose and it would look cool. Its another shade which will go with anything too which is what I wanted as I want to get my use out of them.

So the first thing that got me interested was the packaging I like the gold top and the bottle is a nice size its not too bulky. I have applied the pastel blue/lilac shade today and it looks really nice. I like that the brush is more flat and wide so you can apply more product evenly with one swipe. I do find however that the bristles are maybe a bit thick as it does apply a little streaky and uneven. Most of my nails I managed to get a good even cover with two coats however there was a few which I needed 3 as it was streaky. They dried really fast and it feels quite sturdy on the nail, I have nocked them about a bit today and there is no signs of chipping yet.

Overall I think they are really nice, the colour range was one of the biggest I saw in boots so there will be colour for everyone. From someone who is not used to wearing or apply nail varnish all the time I found it easy to use and love how fast is dried so I could get on with my jobs. The colour pay off is really good and I will be wearing these 3 shades for the rest of the summer.

Zoe x

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