Friday, 25 April 2014

VICHY DERMABLEND Foundation! and swatches!

Hi everyone and welcome back, today I thought id do a little review on a new foundation I have been using, I saw a couple of other bloggers talking about it and I really wanted to try it. I have been using it for just over a week now and I no that its not a significant amount of time but I really link it, so here are my thoughts. 

This is the Vichy Dermablend corrective foundation. This is a full coverage foundation and is called a corrective foundation at it known for its ability for concealing scars, redness, blemish scars, birth marks, even tattoos and more. The range also includes a concealer stick, a full body foundation and a setting powder. I was a little unsure about purchasing this as I didnt know if was right for me as I don't need to cover anything major but I do like full coverage when doing my makeup. So here is an example of what the foundation is like:

I purchased the shades Opal and Sand. The swatch here is the shade opal and underneath is what it looks like blended out. The shade range is not very extensive therefor I have been adding a tiny spot of sand to opal to get my shade. the consistency is quite thick and its best to start with a tiny amount first as you only need a small amount and then build up on areas which you would like more coverage. Even though this is a thick consistency its not cakey what so ever! its quite amazing. I don't have a preferred way of applying it yet but it blends really nice and easy into the skin. It does not feel heavy at all it looks just like skin when blended. The finish is a matte finish however its not too super matte, I have very dry skin and it wasn't drying at all I really liked the finish. It is a very full coverage foundation so if you do have something you want to cover you can do so without using loads of different products and making it stand out even more. Instead it so easy and simple. If you wish you could add a little moisturiser just to thin it out a little to. It also has an spf of 35, which you would normally avoid for nights out and having your picture taken however it is perfect for day time and also for holidays or being out in the sun. It also says it has 16hr wear, I have not tested it to see how long it lasts however I have worn it all day and been outside in it a lot and find it does not budge. This would easily last all day I didn't use any setting powder or anything and it was fine.

This foundation will work on any skin type, it is hypoallergenic and allergy tested and suitable for sensitive skin. I found it worked on my sensitive skin great. It is versatile as you could just use this as a concealer than just a foundation. If you like a fuller coverage I think you will really like this as the finish really is flawless and it looks like your actual skin. Overall I think its lovely and im really happy with it!

Zoe x

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  1. This sounds like a very good foundation and I am a big Vichy fan. Xx


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