Saturday, 31 May 2014

No7 Truffle Eyeshadow!

Welcome back to my blog everyone. Yesterday I did a shop your stash post and came across some products I used to be obsessed with and put back into my kit! One of the products was an eye shadow from No7 called Truffle which is such a nice shade so I said I would do a look and show you and here it is. I have only used this one shade to show you just how nice it is, ive created a bit of a smokey eye and nude lip which is very popular at the moment and I think this would suit any one. so this is how I did it.

L'Oreal Nude Magique BB cream
L'Oreal True Match Lumi Foundation
Urban Decay Ultra Deffinition Loose Powder
Benefit Hoola Bronzer
Sleek Blush in Crochet
GOSH Giant Sun Powder
Bourjois Healthy Mix Concealer

I started off with applying the bb cream all over the skin, haven't used this in a very long time but I thought it would give a little more coverage. It worked really well as it evened out the skin before I applied the foundation, I think this will be my new trick from now on. I then applied the foundation with a buffing brush. I love the flawless finish of this foundation but it does break me out which is why I normally use just the normal true match. I think this is by far the best drug store foundation EVER. I then used a little concealer to cover my dark circles. I let the products settle on the skin for a couple of minutes then applied the loose powder all over to set. Wasn't sure about this powder at first but the more I use it I love it. it gives a flawless soft and matte finish to the skin and doesn't settle in lines, its really nice. I finished my applying a little bronzer to the contours of the face, a small amount of blusher and highlighted the cheekbones and brow bone.

No7 Eyeshadow in Truffle
Maybelline Gel liner
Urban Decay Primer Potion
Maybelline The Falsies
Benefit Brow Zings
Benefit Gimme Brow
Avon black Kohl Pencil 

I first primed the eyes with the primer potion this gives a nice sticky base and neutralises veins and redness around the eye. I then applied the eyeshadow all over the lid and into the crease I also went all the way into the inner corner and lower lash line. with a fluffy brush I went all the way around the eye and blended out the edges. I applied a thin line of gel liner over the lid and into the inner corner. I then used a pencil liner in the water line and lower lash line joining up each end to the gel liner. I wanted the eyes to look quite round which is why I didn't use a flick or blend the shadow out too far at the edges. I finished with a couple of coats of mascara to the top and bottom lashes. For the brow I used the brow zings powder and set with the gimme brow.

Nyx Lip Pencil in Pale pink
Revlon Colour Burst in Crème Brulee
L'Oreal Liquid Lipstick in Nude Ballet.

I used the lip pencil all over the lips to lighten them with the lipstick on top with the liquid lipstick to finish. Love this combo I did a post on them Here If you want to see that.

So that is the finished look guys I hope you like it, its great for day time and also for night time with false lashes. Its so easy using just one eye shadow too :)

Zoe x


Friday, 30 May 2014

Shop Your Stash!

Hey and welcome back. I have had a little spring clean and have been trying to organise my makeup as I have so much I really don't need it all. My makeup box is full of random bits ive collected over the years and it was looking rather mingin' so I have managed to throw a lot away. I feel a lot better now its organised and even though I threw a lot away I also came across a few bits that I have put back into my main makeup back. So I have called this post 'shop your stash' as I also think its a great way to save a bit of money, we all think we need new makeup but when I think about it, its very rare I will actually use a product until it runs out. I usually just buy something new then they end up getting forgotten about.

The first item is the GOSH giant sun powder I purchased this from superdrug along time ago and to be honest it has nearly all gone so I need to buy a new one. Its a highlighting bronzing powder and it really is beautiful, for the price you get so much product its really worth a try especially for summer time. Its a perfect highlighter its a gold/bronze shade which is beautiful on any skin tone. It also looks really nice applied to areas to which would naturally catch the sun to add a bronzed glow. I have been wearing this constantly since I routed it out!

The second product is the 4Head stick this is a little saviour of a product to have in your handbag. I used to use this a lot and it really does work. If your having one of them days I will apply this to my forehead and temples and its really eases those niggly headaches!

Third is a single eye shadow from No7 which I think I got as a free gift but its in the shade truffle. Its such a lovely brown shimmer shade but not to glittery. You could use this on its own over the lid and smoked out under they eyes or with other shadows. I think this would pair with any other shade its really versatile and pigmented! I will do a look with this soon I think to show you!

Fourth is the Barry M Dazzle Dust I found quite a few of these I forgot I had. I love pigments and glitters and I think for the price and the amount of product you get is really good. I have never managed to use one up I think its pretty impossible. You can use these as a highlighter, over the top of eye shadow, on top of cream eye shadow, and to create all different over the top looks like for Halloween etc. They come in all different shades I have a few golds and neutrals and love them.

Last but not least is the Lancôme Juicy Tube This lip gloss used to be my favourite shade I cant see what it is as the writing has worn off but it is a bright pink. They are so glossy and long wearing im going to buy a few more shades. This has gone straight into my handbag and I cant wait to wear it again. I like the packaging and applicator as its very sanitary and the formula is very nice.

So that is what I came across while I was shopping your stash and will new be using them regularly, its a shame to let things go to waste! have a go and share what you found!

                                                        Zoe x


Sunday, 25 May 2014

Which Eyeliner Is Best For You?

Hey everyone and welcome back ive had a super busy weekend which is why ive not posted the last couple of days. Today I thought is do a post on the different types of eyeliner, what they can be used for and which ones would be best for you. Its something that we use all the time however there are so many different types now and they an be used for all different kinds of things. I am going to focus on the three main types so I hope you find this helpful:

Pencil eyeliners are probably the most popular Im sure you must all own at least one! Pencils are perfect for beginners they are easiest to use and I find them easy to fix when you go wrong. when choosing a pencil liner its best to make sure you test the texture as some can be quite hard and scratch the eye, ones which are more creamy textured will be more comfy to apply. pencils don't tent to last too long however there are waterproof ones which do last longer. They are perfect for smudging and blending so if you do a lot of smoky eyes this is an essential. They are also safe to use in  the waterline and the colour ranges are never ending.

These usually come as a pen shape with a nip on to apply it or in a pot with the applicator inside. They are more darker then pencils but the colour range is not as extensive for this type and it is more difficult to apply. With a bit of practice you can create very neat and sharp lines with this liquids and it will last a lot longer than a pencil. They are not suitable to use in the water line however nor can they be smudged very well. If you like to wear a nice cat flick a lot then this type would be perfect for you. A waterproof formula would be best to get as I find that the outside and inner corner areas will wear off throughout the day.

This is a good all rounder! these come in most colours and usually come in a pot with a brush applicator, any brush with a fine or angled tip can be used to apply this. They are great for creating smoky eyes as they look really nice smudged. On the other hand you can create all kinds of lines and shapes with this. It is easier to apply onto the skin than liquids as its not as runny you have more control and they glide on really easy. Unlike a liquid you can use any thickness of brush depending on how thick you wish to apply it. Some can also be used in the water line too, I find they stay longer than pencils in the water line. Most waterproof formulas I find have the best staying power compared to liquids and pencils. Gels and pencils are what I use all the time, I think these are suitable for anyone as they can create so many different looks.

Hope you found this a little helpful guys :)

Zoe x


Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Mid Week Must Have!

Hey, and welcome back to my blog, hope you are all getting ready for summer and enjoying the nice weather. Its time for my mid week must have and this week it is a skincare product which is very appropriate for this time of year and im using it all this time.

This is the Dr.Organic Organic Aloe Vera Gel and it is £5.39 I buy this from Holland and Barrett and the moment there is an offer for buy one get on half price. There is a great range of products too! I personaly could not live without this during the summer time. I love aloe vera as I find it so versatile I personally use this one as it is completely organic, its hypoallergenic and it has no artificial colour, fragrances or harsh preservatives, AND... its double strength! I am always very careful on what I use on my skin as it is so sensitive and this really is perfect for me. At the moment I am using it on areas which have caught the sun in the past few days, its perfect as an after sun lotion as it really cools and sooths burnt areas. Even if you don't tend to burn its good to use an after care  as just even though you cant see it, it doesn't mean your skin hasn't been damaged by the sun. I also use this on dry areas of the skin. I get very bad eczema and using this really helps calm dry and irritated areas.

The products itself is very nice to apply it is a gel formula and when applied you can instantly feel it soothing the skin. It soaks in straight away too so there is no sticky feeling at all. You can apply this as regular as you like and use as much as you feel you need I find a little does go along way and usually use this before I go to bed.

I think this is a product which everyone should have on their bathroom shelf, its so handy and suitable for every skin type, I think anyone would benefit from using this especially after being out in the sun. It sooths moisturises and replenishes the skin and its organic ingredients and you can use this as your daily moisturiser too. It definitely deserves to be my must have for this week for being a great versatile products that you can actually feel working!

                                                           Zoe x

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Blogging With A Busy Life!

we are all busy weather its with work or family or something else and sometimes other things have to be priority before writing a new blog post. There are day where we all just don't have the time then feel guilty that we haven't posted on our normal days. Its important to keep up the quality of your blog, and not just write about any old thing just because you don't have time and just want to get a post up. Here are a few of my personal tips to help you keep your blog at its best, blogging should be fun and you shouldn't have to stress!

Plan your posts: Plan in your diary what you are going to write about and make a few notes on days you plan to post. I try to do this every week and when I get to that day it helps me remember everything I wanted to write about.

Take multiple pics: If you know what you are going to write about over the coming week, try and take your pictures in advance too and edit them if you need to. This can save a lot of time if you are very busy on a day which you normally post at least the pictures you need will be ready and waiting.

Write up multiple posts: If you have some free time, write up an extra post or two and save them in your drafts. If you know you wont have time to write it up in the week you can set them to automatically post on the day you wish or you can do it yourself with just one click. I do this if I no im going to have one of them stressful weeks.

Take snaps of events, days trips etc: Doing this can be VERY helpful, sometimes I get so stressed and rushed about doing a blog post my mind just goes blank and I have nothing to write about. Try flicking through your camera and if you have attended an event or been for a day trip or done something exciting, why not write about that instead. Doing a few personal posts lets your readers get to know you better and its nice to do a bit of a different post.

So there are a few tips I try and use, hope you found it helpful thank you for reading, and if you have any more tips please share below.

Zoe x


Saturday, 17 May 2014

In Love With Ginger!

Hey everyone, we are having a few days of a heat wave at the moment and I have been spending every minute out enjoying this weather while it lasts. I Feel I've neglected my blog a little as I didn't post on Wednesday either but even though im having a really scruffy day (hair is a mess) I tried out a new lipstick this morning so I thought is share.

I am not a red lippy type of girl at all, and my lips are definitely not my best feature as they are soo small so I tend to stay clear of statement shades! however I quite like this one as its more of an orange under tone. This is perfect for a summer day! This is what I used:

MUFE HD Foundation
MAC Pro Longwear concealer
Rimmel Natural Bronzer
Sleek Blush Chantilly
GOSH Sun Powder

I applied the foundation all over the face and concealed the under eyes. I contoured a tiny bit with the bronzer I then applied the blusher to the apple of the cheeks then blended back. I finished with the GOSH highlighter to the top of the cheeks forehead and down the nose.

Revlon Highlighter Palette - Rose Glow
Anastasia Brow Wiz Pencil
Urban Decay Eyeliner - Demolition
Maybelline Falsies Mascara

I drew in my brows with the brow pencil to start. I than used the two darkest shades out of the highlight palette all over the eyelid and inner corner. I then applied the eyeliner to the top and bottom of the eyes and then used a smudge brush to blend it out a little and soften it. I finished with a coat of mascara top and bottom.

Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick - In Love With Ginger

I applied this all over the lips. The texture is really nice and creamy and I also like the glossy finish.

So there is a little tutorial for you, its something a little different to what I usually go for but I think it would suit anyone. Let me no what you think.
                                                          Zoe x


Sunday, 11 May 2014

How to clean your makeup brushes and sponges!

Hey everyone today I have cleaned some of my brushes so I thought I would share with you how I clean mine. These are my personal brushes and even though I only use these on myself its still really important to clean them as brushes and sponges can collect product which means then they then grow bacteria and germs EEWW! rubbing germs and bacterial all over your face is not going to be very good for your skin either! . Also if they are clogged up with product they are not going to work how they should!


There are a few different ways to clean your makeup brushes I no everyone likes different methods so I am just going to share my main two ways of cleaning them.

Brush Cleaner: The first quite simple way is to buy a brush cleaner, I use the one by MAC however many more companies are bringing their own out so im sure you could now buy one from a drugstore. The good thing about using a brush cleaner is not only that its quick but they usually contain alcohol which will help kill off any bacteria and makes them dry straight away! You cant really use this to clean sponges and you should really use separate sponges on clients too.

To use a brush cleaner apply some to a clean tissue and swirl your brush around on it until it is clean. Simple as that!

It is a must have for makeup artist as it means you can clean brushes straight away between clients if you have more then one client on the same day. Or if you just have your own brushes you can clean off your brushes between using different colour etc while you are using them.

* I do still spray my kit brushes with alcohol for extra protection after using a brush cleaner.

Deep Clean: This is the most thorough way of cleaning your brushes and sponges, it may take a little more time but doing this will make sure they are clean, sanitary and will probably increase their life span. I think everyone needs to do this at least once in a while :)

For a deep clean all you will need is a tap and a normal delicate shampoo, I no a lot of people use baby shampoo too. I don't think it takes too long the only time consuming part is letting them dry. Step by step this is what I do:

- Dampen your brush under the tap
- Squeeze a little shampoo onto your hand
- Swirl the brush around on your hand working the shampoo into the bristles
- Rinse under the tap
- Repeat until the water runs clear and you can see no product in the bristles
- Lay down flat on a towel (like the picture above) and leave to air dry.
- When dry spray with an alcohol spray to sanitize (optional but important for is you are using brushes on different people)  

For sponges use the same technique working the shampoo into the sponge and rinsing until water runs cleans and there are no stains. You may have to repeat this a number of time as sponges are particularly hard to fully clean, if you find the stains are really hard to get out try soaking them first.

It is important for you to lay brushes down flat so the water does not erode the glue and cause the shedding of the bristles in your brush. Air drying is the best way to dry them to protect the bristles too.

So that is how I clean my makeup brushes, if you have any other techniques share them below!
Zoe x



Friday, 9 May 2014

Whats in my makeup bag- on a night out!

Hey everyone! On a night out I hate lugging a big bag around and I usually  end up taking more makeup out than is usually in my normal makeup bag! So now I only take essential things that I may need to top up throughout the night.

First off I always take out the lipstick I am wearing. All lipsticks wears off over time so its always handy to have a top up trough the night to keep it looking perfect. Next I always take my translucent powder just to go over any shiny areas then pop up such as my chin and sides of the nose. Plus its always hot in clubs and bars which may make you more shiny than usual. My bronzer I take everywhere with me just to add a little more colour if I need it. powders always wear off my so easily maybe as im quite dry so I do find I have to re-apply. My favourite powder brush always comes with me to. I will take a concealer if I have had to cover a blemish, in hot places makeup will wear off easily and blemishes you have concealed will usually be the first to pop out. Finally an eyeliner is a big essential for me, especially my water line and under eye does wear off a bit so I always give that another go over through the night!

So they are my essentials for a night out, now I can spend more time dancing than hauling my massive bag about! what are your night out essentials?

Zoe x


Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Mid Week Must Have!

Hey guys its time for my mid week must have again. I have switched my mascara again and every time I do I try a different one, and this one I really do like.

This mascara is Maybelline the Falsies mascara in black its £7.99 and you can buy this from most drugstores, it also has a waterproof version to. The one thing I look for in mascaras is the wand, personally I cant stand all the fancy wands with plastic bristles and what not. I will only buy a mascara which has a wand with nice bristles which this has and I really like it. The wand is also slightly curved which fans out the lashes as you apply this makes them look fuller and thicker, I also find that it helps evenly spread the lashes out to. The formula is really nice it doesn't feel dry and flaky when ive been wearing it all day and it isn't clumpy. It does make your lashes appear longer and i find that even just one coat makes a bit difference. It does not transfer when I wear it on the bottom lashes either.

I am a big fan of Maybelline mascaras and im sure I will re-purchase. It definitely fits with its name as it does give you that false lash effect. really comfy to wear and easy to apply.

Zoe x


Monday, 5 May 2014

Makeup starter kit - for beginners!

If you are new to makeup, only just starting to wear it and or wanting to get the basics for your makeup bag this post is for you! I wanted to help and offer my opinion on a question I often get asked. What makeup do I need to start off with? or what so I need as a starter kit? I am not going to tell you specific products or be biased on what I personally prefer as everyone is different, therefore im going to be doing an overview and tell you the basics you need to get started. You don't have to buy the most expensive products, I would advise against this if you are new to makeup. You can get any of these from the drugstore for a much smaller amount of money, then if it turns out its not for you get something different. Its a lot more about experimenting with different products to see what products suit your skin type.

It can be very overwhelming and confusing going into a shop and deciding what you actually need rather than buying things you will probably never end up using. When starting off I you want to keep everything basic and be doing makeup that looks really natural and effortless, like your not even wearing any.I have chosen 10 products which I think you need to create a starter kit and explained which kind of each you will need.

This is probably the most important and also the hardest to get right. they come in all different forms, such as creams, fluid, powders etc but I wont go into detail with this, I think liquid foundations are probably the most popular and can suit any skin so lets stick with them! to make it simple, if you are only just starting out I would advise to use a tinted moisturiser first, this gives a little bit of coverage and also moisturises at the same time. If you do find you want more coverage then for more oily skin go for a foundation which sets more matte and if you have dry skin you may find a more dewy finish foundation is better for you.

* Don't forget to ask assistants to help you find your shade, they are there to help you!

* always match your foundation to your neck and chest as these are the areas closest to your face and you want to look all the same colour.

A liquid concealer would be best to start off with here, choose one the same or similar to your foundation, this makes sure you conceal what you need to other than making it stand out more and everything will look nice and blended. Liquids are more suitable for younger skins and will be kinder around the eye area. Is you have blemishes that stand out more you may wish to use a stick concealer which tend to be a little thicker and more coverage.

This is not a necessity to start off with however if you have oily skin you may want to use a powder to set you makeup and use during the day to absorb any unwanted shine. Go with a compact translucent powder as this is something anyone can use as it has no colour and wont change the look of your makeup. 

To start off with I honestly think you can get away with just one blusher, most coral/pinks will suit any skin tone and go with any makeup or outfit, so you don't need to buy every colour of blusher, trust me you will always go back to the same one anyway! Its your choice weather you wish to go for a matte or a more shimmery blusher a shimmery one will give you a more highlighted glow effect and a matte one will just give you the pop of colour.

There are so many different types of bronzer which are used for creating different types of looks, to start off with I would definitely go with a matte bronzer! you can create any look with a matte bronzer and if you are not used to wearing it you don't want to end up looking too glittery! To pick the correct shade chose a shade which is either 1 or 2 shades darker then your skin tone NO DARKER or you may end up looking a bit orange. You can use this then to create a little warmth to the face in summer time.

*Try not to apply bronzer to the whole face, only apply it to areas that would normally catch the sun this will give you the most natural effect.

Eye shadow:
Again this can be very overwhelming like choosing a shade of blusher. you don't need to buy every single shade. I would advise to stick to neutral colours, this is all you will need to begin with if you are not used to wearing eye shadow or if you are wearing makeup for school. there are lots of brands in the drugstore which have palettes you can buy with a mix of a few different neutral shades. These are really useful as you have them all in the same place and you can see which colours go together. You really could just get away with 3 shades: a very light cream colour, a medium brown or gold, and a dark brown. This is all I used when I started to wear makeup.

Eye liner:
 I would start off with a pencil, they are the easiest and most versatile of eyeliners, either a black or a brown will do. I like pencils as you can create many different styles of eyeliner with ease then once you feel more confident you can move onto liquids and gels. Pencils tend not to create such harsh lines therefore when you are just starting off with makeup you don't want to overdo it.

There are so may different ones with different wands but at the end of the day they all do the same thing. Pick one which looks the most simple and see how you go with it.

There are so many different types of lip products available now its hard not to get confused. If you have no idea what you need I would start off your kit with  lip glosses or balms first, these are more natural and more appropriate if you are wearing them for school etc. I would stick to a sheer nude or a light pink so it gives a little colour but its not too in your face. You can definitely get away with just one or two glosses or balms as they go with everything I don't think you can go wrong with these. If you do want to get lipstick I would go for sheer ones with more sheen to them. Matte ones may be a bit too much to start with, again a nude or a light pink will get you started.

This is also not a necessity to get started. If you don't touch your eyebrows, or are not doing dramatic makeup looks which you wont be you probably wont need anything and it best to leave them be. If you do want to add more shape to them then the easiest way is to just use a matte eye shadow this looks most natural and is also the easiest way to fill them in.

So they are the essentials I would advise you need for a makeup starter kit. I hope this has helped some of you out. let me no what you think in the comments below.

Zoe x


Sunday, 4 May 2014

Sundays Face! Pink it up!

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog. Today im going to do a little pictorial on my makeup today. I brought some new lipsticks a few days ago and really wanted to test them so I thought I would show you one of them today.

Its a really easy and summery look and I think you could wear this for day and night time. There are a small amount of products used however it stands out. 

Vichy dermablend foundation: Sand and Opal mixed
Collection lasting perfection concealer: 1 fair
Chanel soleil tan de chanel
Revlon cream blush: Pinched
Rimmel Natural Bronzer: 002
Revlon Highlighting Palette: 020 Rose Glow

After prepping my skin a used the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush to apply the foundation. This is a very full coverage foundation so I applied it mainly to the centre of the face where I needed more coverage then blended it out across the rest of the face. Next I applied a little of the concealer under the eyes to cover and brighten them, I also applied a little on the bridge of the nose and centre of the forehead. I added a sheer contour with the cream bronzer then blended it up onto the cheeks, where I applied the cream blusher and blended with my fingers. I applied a little bronzer over the top and the highlighting blusher onto the cheeks. 

Rimmel Natural Bronzer: 002
Maybelline Gel liner: Black
Benefit They're Real mascara
HD Eye and Brow Palette

I first added a little shape of to my brows with the brow powder form my palette then applied a little bronzer into the crease of my eye to add a little colour. I drew a thick line with a wing at the end with my eye liner then added a coat of mascara top and bottom.

NYX lip liner: Purple Rain
Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick: Matte Sultry Samba

Hope you like it and thank you for visiting, have a lovely sunday

Zoe x

Saturday, 3 May 2014

HD Eye and Brow Palette! Review and Swatches!

Hey everyone and welcome back to by blog. If you follow me in instagram or twitter (click on the links above if you want to follow ) you will see I brought this little gem for my professional kit a few days ago. Its all about the brows at the moment so I though this would be a very appropriate  post and now I have had a good play with I wanted to do a little review for you. 

So this is the HD Brows professional eye and brow palette and it is £29.95. I am not trained in HD brows or ever had them done however what my kit was missing was good brow products therefore I did a little research and went for this one. This palette includes 6 of their most popular shades and also comes with a double ended brush. I have moved the brush into my brush belt but it is an angled brush and a smudge end tip too. It also has a large mirror in the lid to which I really like. 

So onto the actual product... The Powders are all very matte lovely and dense and creamy AND are extremely pigmented. They feel such good quality and I have had no fall out while using them. They are very long wearing and are said to be smudge proof which I defiantly agree with. I applied this earlier today and tried to smudge it with my finger and it did not budge. Some of you may be a little nervous by 'hd brows' however if your not into the super sculpted brow this is perfect for you as you only need a tiny bit to create just a little more shape or definition to what you naturally have. On the other end of the scale this is also perfect if you like the very sculpted out brows as the powders glide on really neatly and easily creating nice sharp lines. You really can create any brows you wish with the palette, and as these are powders think it looks really natural when applied. This palette can also be used for eye shadows to which makes it very versatile. 

Again apologies for the swatch quality I have tried to use the natural light but I was losing it. This is the top row of the palette. from top to bottom we have: Ash Blonde, Warm Brown, Medium Brown.

This is the bottom row in the palette, from bottom to top we have : Dark Brow, Rich Brown, Carbon.

There are cool and warm tones and there is a shade for anyone, you can also mix them too. I tend to use a lighter shade on the inner section then end with a darker shade at the end to look more natural. This isn't just a palette for professionals I think anyone will benefit from this. If you change your hair colour quite a lot, or if it changes with the seasons, or even if you like a different style of brow for different occasions you will tend to need multiple shades and this is perfect as you have them all in the same place. I found this so easy to use and apply its perfect for beginners too.

Overall a great very high quality product and a great price. Its easy to carry around the huge amount of product you get means this will last you forever.

Zoe x
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