Sunday, 18 May 2014

Blogging With A Busy Life!

we are all busy weather its with work or family or something else and sometimes other things have to be priority before writing a new blog post. There are day where we all just don't have the time then feel guilty that we haven't posted on our normal days. Its important to keep up the quality of your blog, and not just write about any old thing just because you don't have time and just want to get a post up. Here are a few of my personal tips to help you keep your blog at its best, blogging should be fun and you shouldn't have to stress!

Plan your posts: Plan in your diary what you are going to write about and make a few notes on days you plan to post. I try to do this every week and when I get to that day it helps me remember everything I wanted to write about.

Take multiple pics: If you know what you are going to write about over the coming week, try and take your pictures in advance too and edit them if you need to. This can save a lot of time if you are very busy on a day which you normally post at least the pictures you need will be ready and waiting.

Write up multiple posts: If you have some free time, write up an extra post or two and save them in your drafts. If you know you wont have time to write it up in the week you can set them to automatically post on the day you wish or you can do it yourself with just one click. I do this if I no im going to have one of them stressful weeks.

Take snaps of events, days trips etc: Doing this can be VERY helpful, sometimes I get so stressed and rushed about doing a blog post my mind just goes blank and I have nothing to write about. Try flicking through your camera and if you have attended an event or been for a day trip or done something exciting, why not write about that instead. Doing a few personal posts lets your readers get to know you better and its nice to do a bit of a different post.

So there are a few tips I try and use, hope you found it helpful thank you for reading, and if you have any more tips please share below.

Zoe x


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