Sunday, 11 May 2014

How to clean your makeup brushes and sponges!

Hey everyone today I have cleaned some of my brushes so I thought I would share with you how I clean mine. These are my personal brushes and even though I only use these on myself its still really important to clean them as brushes and sponges can collect product which means then they then grow bacteria and germs EEWW! rubbing germs and bacterial all over your face is not going to be very good for your skin either! . Also if they are clogged up with product they are not going to work how they should!


There are a few different ways to clean your makeup brushes I no everyone likes different methods so I am just going to share my main two ways of cleaning them.

Brush Cleaner: The first quite simple way is to buy a brush cleaner, I use the one by MAC however many more companies are bringing their own out so im sure you could now buy one from a drugstore. The good thing about using a brush cleaner is not only that its quick but they usually contain alcohol which will help kill off any bacteria and makes them dry straight away! You cant really use this to clean sponges and you should really use separate sponges on clients too.

To use a brush cleaner apply some to a clean tissue and swirl your brush around on it until it is clean. Simple as that!

It is a must have for makeup artist as it means you can clean brushes straight away between clients if you have more then one client on the same day. Or if you just have your own brushes you can clean off your brushes between using different colour etc while you are using them.

* I do still spray my kit brushes with alcohol for extra protection after using a brush cleaner.

Deep Clean: This is the most thorough way of cleaning your brushes and sponges, it may take a little more time but doing this will make sure they are clean, sanitary and will probably increase their life span. I think everyone needs to do this at least once in a while :)

For a deep clean all you will need is a tap and a normal delicate shampoo, I no a lot of people use baby shampoo too. I don't think it takes too long the only time consuming part is letting them dry. Step by step this is what I do:

- Dampen your brush under the tap
- Squeeze a little shampoo onto your hand
- Swirl the brush around on your hand working the shampoo into the bristles
- Rinse under the tap
- Repeat until the water runs clear and you can see no product in the bristles
- Lay down flat on a towel (like the picture above) and leave to air dry.
- When dry spray with an alcohol spray to sanitize (optional but important for is you are using brushes on different people)  

For sponges use the same technique working the shampoo into the sponge and rinsing until water runs cleans and there are no stains. You may have to repeat this a number of time as sponges are particularly hard to fully clean, if you find the stains are really hard to get out try soaking them first.

It is important for you to lay brushes down flat so the water does not erode the glue and cause the shedding of the bristles in your brush. Air drying is the best way to dry them to protect the bristles too.

So that is how I clean my makeup brushes, if you have any other techniques share them below!
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  1. Great post Zoe! Just a heads up, but I just scheduled a post for tomorrow about a great tool for when you wash your brushes, a brush tree :D feel free to check it out on my blog, Blushing Biddies

    1. Tkankyou very much! yea I will definitely head over for a read :) x


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