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Makeup starter kit - for beginners!

If you are new to makeup, only just starting to wear it and or wanting to get the basics for your makeup bag this post is for you! I wanted to help and offer my opinion on a question I often get asked. What makeup do I need to start off with? or what so I need as a starter kit? I am not going to tell you specific products or be biased on what I personally prefer as everyone is different, therefore im going to be doing an overview and tell you the basics you need to get started. You don't have to buy the most expensive products, I would advise against this if you are new to makeup. You can get any of these from the drugstore for a much smaller amount of money, then if it turns out its not for you get something different. Its a lot more about experimenting with different products to see what products suit your skin type.

It can be very overwhelming and confusing going into a shop and deciding what you actually need rather than buying things you will probably never end up using. When starting off I you want to keep everything basic and be doing makeup that looks really natural and effortless, like your not even wearing any.I have chosen 10 products which I think you need to create a starter kit and explained which kind of each you will need.

This is probably the most important and also the hardest to get right. they come in all different forms, such as creams, fluid, powders etc but I wont go into detail with this, I think liquid foundations are probably the most popular and can suit any skin so lets stick with them! to make it simple, if you are only just starting out I would advise to use a tinted moisturiser first, this gives a little bit of coverage and also moisturises at the same time. If you do find you want more coverage then for more oily skin go for a foundation which sets more matte and if you have dry skin you may find a more dewy finish foundation is better for you.

* Don't forget to ask assistants to help you find your shade, they are there to help you!

* always match your foundation to your neck and chest as these are the areas closest to your face and you want to look all the same colour.

A liquid concealer would be best to start off with here, choose one the same or similar to your foundation, this makes sure you conceal what you need to other than making it stand out more and everything will look nice and blended. Liquids are more suitable for younger skins and will be kinder around the eye area. Is you have blemishes that stand out more you may wish to use a stick concealer which tend to be a little thicker and more coverage.

This is not a necessity to start off with however if you have oily skin you may want to use a powder to set you makeup and use during the day to absorb any unwanted shine. Go with a compact translucent powder as this is something anyone can use as it has no colour and wont change the look of your makeup. 

To start off with I honestly think you can get away with just one blusher, most coral/pinks will suit any skin tone and go with any makeup or outfit, so you don't need to buy every colour of blusher, trust me you will always go back to the same one anyway! Its your choice weather you wish to go for a matte or a more shimmery blusher a shimmery one will give you a more highlighted glow effect and a matte one will just give you the pop of colour.

There are so many different types of bronzer which are used for creating different types of looks, to start off with I would definitely go with a matte bronzer! you can create any look with a matte bronzer and if you are not used to wearing it you don't want to end up looking too glittery! To pick the correct shade chose a shade which is either 1 or 2 shades darker then your skin tone NO DARKER or you may end up looking a bit orange. You can use this then to create a little warmth to the face in summer time.

*Try not to apply bronzer to the whole face, only apply it to areas that would normally catch the sun this will give you the most natural effect.

Eye shadow:
Again this can be very overwhelming like choosing a shade of blusher. you don't need to buy every single shade. I would advise to stick to neutral colours, this is all you will need to begin with if you are not used to wearing eye shadow or if you are wearing makeup for school. there are lots of brands in the drugstore which have palettes you can buy with a mix of a few different neutral shades. These are really useful as you have them all in the same place and you can see which colours go together. You really could just get away with 3 shades: a very light cream colour, a medium brown or gold, and a dark brown. This is all I used when I started to wear makeup.

Eye liner:
 I would start off with a pencil, they are the easiest and most versatile of eyeliners, either a black or a brown will do. I like pencils as you can create many different styles of eyeliner with ease then once you feel more confident you can move onto liquids and gels. Pencils tend not to create such harsh lines therefore when you are just starting off with makeup you don't want to overdo it.

There are so may different ones with different wands but at the end of the day they all do the same thing. Pick one which looks the most simple and see how you go with it.

There are so many different types of lip products available now its hard not to get confused. If you have no idea what you need I would start off your kit with  lip glosses or balms first, these are more natural and more appropriate if you are wearing them for school etc. I would stick to a sheer nude or a light pink so it gives a little colour but its not too in your face. You can definitely get away with just one or two glosses or balms as they go with everything I don't think you can go wrong with these. If you do want to get lipstick I would go for sheer ones with more sheen to them. Matte ones may be a bit too much to start with, again a nude or a light pink will get you started.

This is also not a necessity to get started. If you don't touch your eyebrows, or are not doing dramatic makeup looks which you wont be you probably wont need anything and it best to leave them be. If you do want to add more shape to them then the easiest way is to just use a matte eye shadow this looks most natural and is also the easiest way to fill them in.

So they are the essentials I would advise you need for a makeup starter kit. I hope this has helped some of you out. let me no what you think in the comments below.

Zoe x


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