Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Mid Week Must Have!

Hey, and welcome back to my blog, hope you are all getting ready for summer and enjoying the nice weather. Its time for my mid week must have and this week it is a skincare product which is very appropriate for this time of year and im using it all this time.

This is the Dr.Organic Organic Aloe Vera Gel and it is £5.39 I buy this from Holland and Barrett and the moment there is an offer for buy one get on half price. There is a great range of products too! I personaly could not live without this during the summer time. I love aloe vera as I find it so versatile I personally use this one as it is completely organic, its hypoallergenic and it has no artificial colour, fragrances or harsh preservatives, AND... its double strength! I am always very careful on what I use on my skin as it is so sensitive and this really is perfect for me. At the moment I am using it on areas which have caught the sun in the past few days, its perfect as an after sun lotion as it really cools and sooths burnt areas. Even if you don't tend to burn its good to use an after care  as just even though you cant see it, it doesn't mean your skin hasn't been damaged by the sun. I also use this on dry areas of the skin. I get very bad eczema and using this really helps calm dry and irritated areas.

The products itself is very nice to apply it is a gel formula and when applied you can instantly feel it soothing the skin. It soaks in straight away too so there is no sticky feeling at all. You can apply this as regular as you like and use as much as you feel you need I find a little does go along way and usually use this before I go to bed.

I think this is a product which everyone should have on their bathroom shelf, its so handy and suitable for every skin type, I think anyone would benefit from using this especially after being out in the sun. It sooths moisturises and replenishes the skin and its organic ingredients and you can use this as your daily moisturiser too. It definitely deserves to be my must have for this week for being a great versatile products that you can actually feel working!

                                                           Zoe x

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