Friday, 30 May 2014

Shop Your Stash!

Hey and welcome back. I have had a little spring clean and have been trying to organise my makeup as I have so much I really don't need it all. My makeup box is full of random bits ive collected over the years and it was looking rather mingin' so I have managed to throw a lot away. I feel a lot better now its organised and even though I threw a lot away I also came across a few bits that I have put back into my main makeup back. So I have called this post 'shop your stash' as I also think its a great way to save a bit of money, we all think we need new makeup but when I think about it, its very rare I will actually use a product until it runs out. I usually just buy something new then they end up getting forgotten about.

The first item is the GOSH giant sun powder I purchased this from superdrug along time ago and to be honest it has nearly all gone so I need to buy a new one. Its a highlighting bronzing powder and it really is beautiful, for the price you get so much product its really worth a try especially for summer time. Its a perfect highlighter its a gold/bronze shade which is beautiful on any skin tone. It also looks really nice applied to areas to which would naturally catch the sun to add a bronzed glow. I have been wearing this constantly since I routed it out!

The second product is the 4Head stick this is a little saviour of a product to have in your handbag. I used to use this a lot and it really does work. If your having one of them days I will apply this to my forehead and temples and its really eases those niggly headaches!

Third is a single eye shadow from No7 which I think I got as a free gift but its in the shade truffle. Its such a lovely brown shimmer shade but not to glittery. You could use this on its own over the lid and smoked out under they eyes or with other shadows. I think this would pair with any other shade its really versatile and pigmented! I will do a look with this soon I think to show you!

Fourth is the Barry M Dazzle Dust I found quite a few of these I forgot I had. I love pigments and glitters and I think for the price and the amount of product you get is really good. I have never managed to use one up I think its pretty impossible. You can use these as a highlighter, over the top of eye shadow, on top of cream eye shadow, and to create all different over the top looks like for Halloween etc. They come in all different shades I have a few golds and neutrals and love them.

Last but not least is the LancĂ´me Juicy Tube This lip gloss used to be my favourite shade I cant see what it is as the writing has worn off but it is a bright pink. They are so glossy and long wearing im going to buy a few more shades. This has gone straight into my handbag and I cant wait to wear it again. I like the packaging and applicator as its very sanitary and the formula is very nice.

So that is what I came across while I was shopping your stash and will new be using them regularly, its a shame to let things go to waste! have a go and share what you found!

                                                        Zoe x


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