Friday, 9 May 2014

Whats in my makeup bag- on a night out!

Hey everyone! On a night out I hate lugging a big bag around and I usually  end up taking more makeup out than is usually in my normal makeup bag! So now I only take essential things that I may need to top up throughout the night.

First off I always take out the lipstick I am wearing. All lipsticks wears off over time so its always handy to have a top up trough the night to keep it looking perfect. Next I always take my translucent powder just to go over any shiny areas then pop up such as my chin and sides of the nose. Plus its always hot in clubs and bars which may make you more shiny than usual. My bronzer I take everywhere with me just to add a little more colour if I need it. powders always wear off my so easily maybe as im quite dry so I do find I have to re-apply. My favourite powder brush always comes with me to. I will take a concealer if I have had to cover a blemish, in hot places makeup will wear off easily and blemishes you have concealed will usually be the first to pop out. Finally an eyeliner is a big essential for me, especially my water line and under eye does wear off a bit so I always give that another go over through the night!

So they are my essentials for a night out, now I can spend more time dancing than hauling my massive bag about! what are your night out essentials?

Zoe x


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