Sunday, 25 May 2014

Which Eyeliner Is Best For You?

Hey everyone and welcome back ive had a super busy weekend which is why ive not posted the last couple of days. Today I thought is do a post on the different types of eyeliner, what they can be used for and which ones would be best for you. Its something that we use all the time however there are so many different types now and they an be used for all different kinds of things. I am going to focus on the three main types so I hope you find this helpful:

Pencil eyeliners are probably the most popular Im sure you must all own at least one! Pencils are perfect for beginners they are easiest to use and I find them easy to fix when you go wrong. when choosing a pencil liner its best to make sure you test the texture as some can be quite hard and scratch the eye, ones which are more creamy textured will be more comfy to apply. pencils don't tent to last too long however there are waterproof ones which do last longer. They are perfect for smudging and blending so if you do a lot of smoky eyes this is an essential. They are also safe to use in  the waterline and the colour ranges are never ending.

These usually come as a pen shape with a nip on to apply it or in a pot with the applicator inside. They are more darker then pencils but the colour range is not as extensive for this type and it is more difficult to apply. With a bit of practice you can create very neat and sharp lines with this liquids and it will last a lot longer than a pencil. They are not suitable to use in the water line however nor can they be smudged very well. If you like to wear a nice cat flick a lot then this type would be perfect for you. A waterproof formula would be best to get as I find that the outside and inner corner areas will wear off throughout the day.

This is a good all rounder! these come in most colours and usually come in a pot with a brush applicator, any brush with a fine or angled tip can be used to apply this. They are great for creating smoky eyes as they look really nice smudged. On the other hand you can create all kinds of lines and shapes with this. It is easier to apply onto the skin than liquids as its not as runny you have more control and they glide on really easy. Unlike a liquid you can use any thickness of brush depending on how thick you wish to apply it. Some can also be used in the water line too, I find they stay longer than pencils in the water line. Most waterproof formulas I find have the best staying power compared to liquids and pencils. Gels and pencils are what I use all the time, I think these are suitable for anyone as they can create so many different looks.

Hope you found this a little helpful guys :)

Zoe x


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