Monday, 30 June 2014

New MAC Additions!

Hey everyone and welcome back sorry ive been I bit all over the place with my posts lately ive got a lot of stuff going on so you'll just have to bare with me while I get organised. I have been doing allot of shopping lately as it has been my birthday so i have treated myself a little :). Yesterday I went to the trafford centre and decided to get a few new additions for my mac eyeshadow palette for my proffesional kit, I only had 6 which were the basics of what I needed. I did a post on them too which you can see here. I use these all the time and they are essentials to start off with in my eyes, however this time I thought I would get a get a few shadows of which i have nothing like and oh are they pretty!!

First from the left is Kid, I thought this would be good as an all over the lid shade but also good for blending out other shades as its matte. This one is pretty versatile and I thought this could be used to blend out allot of different shades, or also used as an in between to bring colours together.

Next along is Sketch. this is a lovely brownie purple shade its really beautiful and I don't have any thing like this, It is slightly shimmery and I thought this would be really nice for a smokey eye instead of using a black. Its quite a warm shade so would also look nice with the warm browns and golds which I already have.

Furthest on the right is probably my favourite of them all, this is Beauty Marked. To be honest I just saw the glitter and said YES. This is a really beautiful purple which is very shimmery When it catches the light it looks so nice. I thought this would look lovely with Sketch and also could be used as an alternative to the black or brown smokey eye as an all over lid shade.

So onto the bottom left is Coppering this is a beautiful metallic copper orange shade. I thought this is something a little different compared to other gold and bronze shades I have as its more coppery orange. This is perfect for summer looks just on its own, and for a night out you can use dark browns to smoke it out. This is also going to look lovely on blue eyes!

SO last but not least is Copperplate, this is a matte grey and its cool toned which I have non others like it. This is really useful for blending out other cool toned eye shadows.

So they are my new additions I only have 4 spaces left until my palette is full so if you have any recommendations please leave them below. Ill be back soon.
                                                        Zoe x



Wednesday, 25 June 2014

My Prom Beauty Tips!

Hey everyone and welcome back, for a lot of you its prom time and its always exciting to get all dressed up and go have a good time. I have done a few makeovers for proms lately and I thought id share a few beauty tips to help you get ready.

1. If your having a spray tan or are self tanning remember to exfoliate before hand. this will buff away and old skin leaving shiny new skin, you wont get any streaks and your skin will look at its best.

2. Use a hair treatment when washing your hair like a hot oil to make your hair look extra glossy and full.

3. On the day use a good all over body moisturiser. Tanning products can sometimes dry out the skin however doing this will help it to last longer and also make your skin look really glowy and healthy.

4. In the morning treat yourself to a nice face mask. This will make sure your face is really clean and fresh and give an extra boost to make your skin look really well.

5. Have a few practices with your makeup in the weeks before as you don't want to get into a stress on the night if it goes wrong or it doesn't look like you thought it would.

6. If you have had a tan make sure that you use a foundation which matches to it. you don't want a paler face compared to your body.

7. Don't be afraid to go a bit more bold with your makeup! it is your prom!!

8. Using a good primer and setting spray will make sure your makeup lasts all night.

9. Use makeup with no spf so you wont get any flash back when you take your pictures.

10. Take the essentials in your bag: Extra bobby pins, lipstick, blotting powder, eyeliner and bronzer, hair spray and lash glue. These are mine (I no they seem a lot)

So there are a few of my tips, I think a lot of the fun is the getting ready! I hope a few of these help and you have great time at your proms.

Zoe x



Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Mid Week Must Have!

Hello everyone and welcome back to my little blog. I have not posted for nearly two weeks now as I have been having big issues with my internet and have had none at all for ages! but today the postman brought my new hub so Im finally back online and able to post. So it was my birthday yesterday and last weekend I treated myself to some early prezzies, I have not had time to try them all yet so I might do a birthday post or something...

Last weekend I went for the day to Liverpool which ive never been to before and its so nice! I did more sight seeing and things and not as much shopping but I did visit the Illamasqua store! and OMG its amazing and all the girls were soo nice, I think having an actual store is so much nicer. I had to treat myself while I was in there and this really caught my eye. its the new Matte Lip Liquid and I got the shade Surrender. Its part of the new summer collection I think and its one of three different shades. Its more of a liquid lipstick with a gloss type applicator which makes it really easy to apply. Its sooo matte I cant even tell you and once this is on... its not moving. The shade I chose it a really nice nude pink/ peacy shade its so beautiful. although this is not the brightest of the colours I think it still makes a statement when you wear it which it what I love its not your usual nude at all. This looks beautiful with any type of makeup look and is perfect for day or night as its so long wearing. All the shades are very summery and the texture is really nice.

I have always been a bit fan of Illamasqua I think their products stand out from a lot of other similar brands and I love how arty and quirky they are too. This is something a bit different to what other lip products I have and im really glad I chose it!

Zoe x

Saturday, 7 June 2014

Eyeshadow Shades which Best Suit your Eye Colour!

One thing we all want to know is how to make our eyes pop! when doing our makeup the eyes are a main feature we spend time on making look perfect. Its also something which we can be most creative with, experimenting with different shades, techniques and products. There is a little bit of an easy way to get the most out of your eye colour by using a shade of eye shadows which best suits weather it be any kind of texture.

When it comes to makeup its all about colours. which colours compliment each other? which colours cancel others out? which colours enhance others? which colours mixed together create others? and so on. if you can get your head around and understand the basic concepts of the colour wheel your on your way! Choosing what complements your specific shades and tones is how your going to get the best out of doing your makeup. Copying off what someone else uses may not always look the same on you.

Blue Eyes.
Gold bronze and warm brown shades are your perfect match with taupe also working very well. Avoid pink tones as this can make the whites of your eye appear more red. The coppery and more peachy toned gold's also look very beautiful and especially in summer time. And for your glam nights wear your super smoky eyes using grey and plum tones, this will make those baby blues pop right out!

Green - Hazel Eyes.
For you beautiful green eyes girls purple is going to be your best friend. Rich purple, violet and plum shades are going to really emphasise your eyes and make them really stand out. Too much purple can make your eyes look a little red so try not to be to heavy handed. If you are a little afraid of colour you don't have to use a shade very full on, a purple under tone in a shadow will also have a good effect. When you want to amp it up and get a little more glittery your golden browns and coppers are going to look beautiful on your nights out.

Brown Eyes.
You lucky bunch can get away with most shades. You can stick to your soft neutrals or get creative with your bright blues. Metallics in particular will look AMAZING on you! especially bronze tones and green gold's for your nights out will really make your eyes stand out.

I hope this was of some help to you guys so you can now go try and get creative!

Zoe x

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