Saturday, 7 June 2014

Eyeshadow Shades which Best Suit your Eye Colour!

One thing we all want to know is how to make our eyes pop! when doing our makeup the eyes are a main feature we spend time on making look perfect. Its also something which we can be most creative with, experimenting with different shades, techniques and products. There is a little bit of an easy way to get the most out of your eye colour by using a shade of eye shadows which best suits weather it be any kind of texture.

When it comes to makeup its all about colours. which colours compliment each other? which colours cancel others out? which colours enhance others? which colours mixed together create others? and so on. if you can get your head around and understand the basic concepts of the colour wheel your on your way! Choosing what complements your specific shades and tones is how your going to get the best out of doing your makeup. Copying off what someone else uses may not always look the same on you.

Blue Eyes.
Gold bronze and warm brown shades are your perfect match with taupe also working very well. Avoid pink tones as this can make the whites of your eye appear more red. The coppery and more peachy toned gold's also look very beautiful and especially in summer time. And for your glam nights wear your super smoky eyes using grey and plum tones, this will make those baby blues pop right out!

Green - Hazel Eyes.
For you beautiful green eyes girls purple is going to be your best friend. Rich purple, violet and plum shades are going to really emphasise your eyes and make them really stand out. Too much purple can make your eyes look a little red so try not to be to heavy handed. If you are a little afraid of colour you don't have to use a shade very full on, a purple under tone in a shadow will also have a good effect. When you want to amp it up and get a little more glittery your golden browns and coppers are going to look beautiful on your nights out.

Brown Eyes.
You lucky bunch can get away with most shades. You can stick to your soft neutrals or get creative with your bright blues. Metallics in particular will look AMAZING on you! especially bronze tones and green gold's for your nights out will really make your eyes stand out.

I hope this was of some help to you guys so you can now go try and get creative!

Zoe x


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