Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Mid Week Must Have!

Hello everyone and welcome back to my little blog. I have not posted for nearly two weeks now as I have been having big issues with my internet and have had none at all for ages! but today the postman brought my new hub so Im finally back online and able to post. So it was my birthday yesterday and last weekend I treated myself to some early prezzies, I have not had time to try them all yet so I might do a birthday post or something...

Last weekend I went for the day to Liverpool which ive never been to before and its so nice! I did more sight seeing and things and not as much shopping but I did visit the Illamasqua store! and OMG its amazing and all the girls were soo nice, I think having an actual store is so much nicer. I had to treat myself while I was in there and this really caught my eye. its the new Matte Lip Liquid and I got the shade Surrender. Its part of the new summer collection I think and its one of three different shades. Its more of a liquid lipstick with a gloss type applicator which makes it really easy to apply. Its sooo matte I cant even tell you and once this is on... its not moving. The shade I chose it a really nice nude pink/ peacy shade its so beautiful. although this is not the brightest of the colours I think it still makes a statement when you wear it which it what I love its not your usual nude at all. This looks beautiful with any type of makeup look and is perfect for day or night as its so long wearing. All the shades are very summery and the texture is really nice.

I have always been a bit fan of Illamasqua I think their products stand out from a lot of other similar brands and I love how arty and quirky they are too. This is something a bit different to what other lip products I have and im really glad I chose it!

Zoe x

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