Wednesday, 25 June 2014

My Prom Beauty Tips!

Hey everyone and welcome back, for a lot of you its prom time and its always exciting to get all dressed up and go have a good time. I have done a few makeovers for proms lately and I thought id share a few beauty tips to help you get ready.

1. If your having a spray tan or are self tanning remember to exfoliate before hand. this will buff away and old skin leaving shiny new skin, you wont get any streaks and your skin will look at its best.

2. Use a hair treatment when washing your hair like a hot oil to make your hair look extra glossy and full.

3. On the day use a good all over body moisturiser. Tanning products can sometimes dry out the skin however doing this will help it to last longer and also make your skin look really glowy and healthy.

4. In the morning treat yourself to a nice face mask. This will make sure your face is really clean and fresh and give an extra boost to make your skin look really well.

5. Have a few practices with your makeup in the weeks before as you don't want to get into a stress on the night if it goes wrong or it doesn't look like you thought it would.

6. If you have had a tan make sure that you use a foundation which matches to it. you don't want a paler face compared to your body.

7. Don't be afraid to go a bit more bold with your makeup! it is your prom!!

8. Using a good primer and setting spray will make sure your makeup lasts all night.

9. Use makeup with no spf so you wont get any flash back when you take your pictures.

10. Take the essentials in your bag: Extra bobby pins, lipstick, blotting powder, eyeliner and bronzer, hair spray and lash glue. These are mine (I no they seem a lot)

So there are a few of my tips, I think a lot of the fun is the getting ready! I hope a few of these help and you have great time at your proms.

Zoe x



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