Monday, 30 June 2014

New MAC Additions!

Hey everyone and welcome back sorry ive been I bit all over the place with my posts lately ive got a lot of stuff going on so you'll just have to bare with me while I get organised. I have been doing allot of shopping lately as it has been my birthday so i have treated myself a little :). Yesterday I went to the trafford centre and decided to get a few new additions for my mac eyeshadow palette for my proffesional kit, I only had 6 which were the basics of what I needed. I did a post on them too which you can see here. I use these all the time and they are essentials to start off with in my eyes, however this time I thought I would get a get a few shadows of which i have nothing like and oh are they pretty!!

First from the left is Kid, I thought this would be good as an all over the lid shade but also good for blending out other shades as its matte. This one is pretty versatile and I thought this could be used to blend out allot of different shades, or also used as an in between to bring colours together.

Next along is Sketch. this is a lovely brownie purple shade its really beautiful and I don't have any thing like this, It is slightly shimmery and I thought this would be really nice for a smokey eye instead of using a black. Its quite a warm shade so would also look nice with the warm browns and golds which I already have.

Furthest on the right is probably my favourite of them all, this is Beauty Marked. To be honest I just saw the glitter and said YES. This is a really beautiful purple which is very shimmery When it catches the light it looks so nice. I thought this would look lovely with Sketch and also could be used as an alternative to the black or brown smokey eye as an all over lid shade.

So onto the bottom left is Coppering this is a beautiful metallic copper orange shade. I thought this is something a little different compared to other gold and bronze shades I have as its more coppery orange. This is perfect for summer looks just on its own, and for a night out you can use dark browns to smoke it out. This is also going to look lovely on blue eyes!

SO last but not least is Copperplate, this is a matte grey and its cool toned which I have non others like it. This is really useful for blending out other cool toned eye shadows.

So they are my new additions I only have 4 spaces left until my palette is full so if you have any recommendations please leave them below. Ill be back soon.
                                                        Zoe x



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