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Budget Tips!

When it comes to beauty products one of the hardest things to do is not get carried away with buying, and buying and buying. I am forever buying something new every time I go to the shops I just cant help myself. If I already have numerous amounts of nude lip-glosses, if another one catches my eye it has to be mine. It can be so overwhelming as everything looks so pretty when we go shopping its hard not to treat ourselves however I have a couple of ideas which may help you think a little about what your spending and how to budget yourself so you are not buying numerous amounts of products which you don't really need.

1, Do your research when it comes to buying the more expensive products. If you have your eye on something that is a little more pricey, check out which shop or website will give you the best deal. Also reviews are very important, even though everyone reacts differently to products however you will be able to find out an overall insight to a products quality by reading peoples reviews.

2, Don't be too sceptical about drugstore products. I no people who would not ever buy makeup from the drugstore... but before you go ahead and buy a £15.00 lipstick from a high end brand go and test the drugstore ones. Some makeup I personally prefer to buy from the drugstore, as I find them to be better than the high end brands. Even if its just a couple of products, you will still save a little money and still for good quality products.

3, If you do buy a product and its really not agreeing with you, have a swap party with your friends. I think we all have multiple product in our draws we have barely touched and no we never will, however they may be perfect for someone else. Swapping with friends is a great way not waste money and products and also for you to try new things you may not go out and buy yourself.

4, Have a pamper party. Every once in a while instead of going to somewhere to get your nails done or have a facial, have pamper night in where you can all help do each others, ask everyone to bring something different, nail varnish, facemasks, eye masks etc and have a nice chilled night in. This not only saves money on a night out but also skips the cost on paying someone to do it. 

5, Don't buy a replacement product until the current one your using has ran out. I make this mistake all the time especially when it comes to hair products. I end up with so many bottles of the same shampoo as whenever I go shopping I just pick on up while im there. This really wastes money you could spend on something else. so until you hit pan on your makeup or are using the last few drops of your shampoo, you don't need to buy another one.

6, Try not to buy too many of the same products. Now do you really need those 10 nude lipsticks?? I don't think so. Maybe two or three different versions of a product is ok however weather it be a bb cream, lipstick, highlighter, bronzer I could go on and on, you really don't need every version from every brand. Stick to the couple that you actually like and use or that stash in your draw gathering dust will only grow and grow, and the money you have spend on all that adds up. This isn't to stop you trying new brands and different versions of products but make sure you use up the one your using first.

7, Make a pact with yourself that whenever you do go shopping you will buy at least one product which you have never used or which you have nothing like. This helps you stop buying all those products we have just talked about in the last tip. It gets you trying new things and brands and learning different techniques, and if you end up buying something you are not quite sure on, swap it with one of your friends.

8, If possible give yourself a budget on what you want to spend on your beauty products each month this is probably one of the hardest things to do but im sure if you all actually looked back and calculated how much you are currently spending it would be a huge shock.

9, Shop your stash. There will always be that one product you forgot you have which will sneak back into your makeup bag. I am forever forgetting I have certain things and instead of buying new ones I always use these up first.

10, Always ask the shop assistants for help if you are unsure on what you want. Ask them try it on you and show you how to correctly apply, it this will help you from buying products which are maybe the wrong shade or something that you don't even need.

So there is a few tips to help you save a few pennies when it comes to beauty, hope you found these helpful.

Zoe x



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  1. Love this post so much - so helpful!! You blog is so lovely also :)

    Chione XX


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