Saturday, 12 July 2014

Urban Decay Ultra Definition Loose Finishing Powder!

Welcome back guys! Its a bit late to be posting but its been so sunny today so I have spent most of the day outside with everyone. This I just a little review today on this finishing powder I have owned for a couple of months now. At first I wasn't really into it however I have changed the way I apply it and now I can honestly say I will not use anything else to set my makeup. so lets get to it...

This is the Urban Decay Ultra Definition Loose Finishing Powder, and I purchased this from Debenhams for £22.00. When I picked this up it was because it was a new product and a saw a lot of buzz about it, I did think it was a little expensive but this really is worth every penny. This loose powder comes in 5 different shades and the one I use is in medium/light. Its a demi-matte finish which will blur imperfections, set your makeup and help stop the shine coming through. Its a beautiful powder and because of its finish it look so natural making your skin look naturally silky smooth and flawless. 

The powder itself is probably the most finely milled powder I've ever seen and I personally could not be without this now. I do use this in a couple of different ways too. One way in which I use it is when im not wearing much makeup I sheerly dust it under my eyes and t-zone and any other places which may get oily during the day. Its perfect for this as it does not settle in any fine lines and does not cake up or look powdery on the skin. It looks really natural and helps keep my makeup in place all day. Another way I use it is when im doing my makeup for a night out and I wear more, I like it to look a little more matte. This powder builds up really easily on the skin I find it also gives a little extra coverage and makes my skin look completely flawless. The feel and texture of the skin looks and feels silky smooth and it does not look like you are caked in makeup at all. Its great for your nights out as it wont flash back in your pictures either.

I have been a big fan of Urban Decay for a long time and do not have a bad word to day about any of their products, they truly are amazing. Even though the price seems a little high you will find you don't need much to create your flawless finish and it will last you a very long time. Its invisible on skin making it super comfy to wear and will never look chalky or powdery at all! It really does keep everything in place so it stays all day or night. Its definitely a must have for my makeup bag now!!

Zoe x


  1. love the packaging on this product! I've been meaning to get a good setting powder for a while now.. this sounds perfect!


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