Saturday, 16 August 2014

Make Up Forever HD Foundation!

Hey there, I haven't been able to do a post for a little while I had a busy weekend last week so I missed a week out. Also if you may have noticed I have decided to take off the adverts from my blog, I feel like they are quite distracting and to be honest I just want my blog to be a place which is personal to me, where you can come and read and share ideas all about beauty without having annoying adverts flashing at you. So little rant over I thought I would do a little review on this foundation I have owned for quite a few months now. I feel like I have tested it for long enough to do a review on it, and I know its a foundation allot of you are interested in so I hope you like it.   

So this is the Make Up Forever HD Foundation, Its not very easy to get in the UK as I don't think it is stocked in shops so I purchased it off the internet. If you google it there are a few websites you can buy it from just research what shade you will need. It is quite an expensive foundation and I no it is used by many makeup artists especially on those who are on TV as it works really well with HD. However I use this as my normal foundation, If you know me at all you will know my one true love is the Illamasqua Skin Base Foundation however this is my number two go to.

First off I really like the packaging its really sturdy but light weight which makes it great for travelling. It also has a pump applicator  which is really good as unlike some pumps with this I can pump out as much or little as I like. The actual foundation itself it has a really nice texture and its really easily blendable on the skin. I would say its medium coverage which can be built up to full coverage or you can also sheer it out with moisturiser or a damp sponge. Its not heavy or cakey on the skin which is why it works so well on TV you can get the cover you want without it looking like you have anything on. It is oil free and more of a semi matte finish, its not really dewy nor is it supper matte it just looks like natural skin. Its a lovely foundation for more oily skin tones due to it being more matte I find with more dry skins you need a well moisturised base to start with.

I personally have quite dry skin and it works really well on me if I moisturise well first. I use one pump maybe a little more if im going out and I get full coverage with that. This really does have great staying power even when its hot it doesn't get shiny it looks the same whatever weather. This is my go to foundation if I need it to last all day or on a night out as it doesn't budge. I don't have to set with any powder, if you are more oily you may want to a little.

Overall its a lovely foundation which just looks like your natural skin and creates a flawless base. it has no spf so is great for pictures and its really comfortable to wear and it lasts all day. If you use this to share your thoughts on it below too!
Zoe x



  1. I keep looking at this online as im also in the uk, i like my makeup to be full coverage so this sounds perfect.
    Followed your blog :)

    please check mine out

    1. yea I really like it, its just making sure you find out which shade you need. I found out off the internet and it was right.

      Thankyou I will give you a follow to :)


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