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My Concealer Collection!

Today I wanted to share something different and show you my concealer collection. Its something we all use and have in our makeup bags and there are lots of different types used for different things too show I wanted to show you the main ones I use day to day. (sorry the pic quality isn't the best)

So at the top we have the MUFE Camouflage Cream Palette, it does come in different shades too. As you can tell by the name it is a cream concealer and I mainly use this for pin point concealing, this means using it with a small brush to cover any odd blemishes. This concealer is good for this as it is pretty full coverage. You could sheer this out with a damp sponge or moisturiser though if you like. the green shade is also perfect if you have any redness as this can be used as a base to cancel out that redness then you can conceal over it. It has good staying power too and can be used of any skin type.

Next is the MAC Mineralize Concealer. This is a really nice one for under the eyes. Its really moisturising and keeps the under eyes hydrated all through the day. I think this is a great one for more dry skin like mine plus its really comfortable and doesn't sit in any lines or cake up. Its a more sheer concealer which is why its nice for the under eyes as the skin is very thin and delicate in this area. I use this as my every day concealer when I want just natural makeup its the same colour as my foundation and it just evens everything out and brightens my eyes and has a really flawless glowey finish on the skin.

Now we have the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer. This is a very long lasting concealer and quite versatile. Its not too heavy for under the eyes which is mainly where I use it but its a little more coverage than the last one. I think this is suitable for any skin type too. I use this when I want a little more coverage if I have darker under eye circles, I find it does stay all day and doesn't settle in lines or cake up either. Its not as moisturising but it does dry out your under eyes. I also use this if I am only using a tinted moisturiser instead of a foundation, I will use this over areas I need more cover such as the cheeks chin and nose.

Then we have the Maybelline The Eraser Eye Concealer. As you can tell from the name this is also an under eye concealer, it a more sheer cover concealer again I think this is suitable for any skin tone. Its very comfortable under the eyes however I do find this can dry and settle into fine lines if you have it on for a long time. I don't wear this one as much but it does brighten the under eyes and does have a really nice effect. I wouldn't use this to conceal any blemishes as its a little sheer but is does hide dark under eye circles and and redness like I have just below the eyes.

Next to last is a very popular concealer, its the MAC ProLongwear concealer. Again suitable for any skin type too. This is a full coverage concealer, and even though I find it a little heavy for the under eyes I know many people do use it in this are as it does not crease or sit in any lines. It also has amazing staying power. This is a great concealer for priming the eyes for eye shadow, firstly because it gives you an even base and cover any veins etc what show through. Secondly because it brings out the pigmentation of the eye shadow, making it stay all day to without creasing. Another popular way of using this concealer which is what I mainly use it for is when doing a strong highlight and contour look. I use this as my highlight and I find it really effective as it gives such a flawless base. It has great staying power and a little goes a long way. You could also use this to cover blemishes as long as it matches your foundation shade, you could also add this to a bb cream or tinted moisturiser for more coverage, or the opposite and mix with moisturiser to sheer out. This can be used in so many ways its great which is why it is so popular.

Last but not least is the Bourjois Healthy Mix Concealer. The texture of this reminds me a little of the Pro Longwear. Its again quite a thick consistency and fuller coverage. It can be used for the under eyes, however on me I find this a little to thick for every day so I tend to sheer it out with a damp sponge. Again I think its great to use when highlighting and contouring it gives you a nice flawless finish but I don't find this as long lasting. You can use this too for covering blemishes as long as it matches your foundation. You could even add this to a tinted moisturiser for more coverage. I think the packaging for this product is great as you only squeeze out as much as you need so there is no waste. This is good for any skin type and is really good quality for a drugstore product.

So that's my concealer collection, feel free to share yours below too :)
Zoe x

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  1. Lovely post! My holy grail is the Mac Pro Longwear! Its amazing!

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