Monday, 1 September 2014

Quick Update, a Thank you and Reaching 200 Followers!

I just wanted to write a little update post today about my blog and other bits. First off I finally reached 200 followers on bloglovin at the weekend, I no to most people thats is nothing but Its a huge amount to me. Its really nice to think that people actually read what I write and hopefully enjoy it too. I have been blogging for a while now and I no I dont have fancy pictures or manage to post like every day, but I just like to share everything I am learning on my makeup jurney so Thankyou! I love reading all of you blogs too and most of the time I end up buying the items you have been posting about. 

So I have not been doing much different really I treated myself to a new Zuca Pro Artist case for my pro kit. I reasearched soo much into this before making the desicion as it was expensive but im so happy with it. Its so easy to carry everything around I love it. I also got some new business cards from a website called Zazzle and I love them to. I wanted something a bit different and I think they really catch your eye. Other than working I have been walking and hanging around with my husky called Zeus he is the baby of the house and he knows it too! So kepping buisy and making time for fun times too thats it for my little post. Thankyou again. Zoe x

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