Saturday, 25 October 2014

Flawless Legs For Party Season!

I think its safe to say that its very close, OR already is the start of the party season. The shops are full with sparkly party dresses but have you got the nice flawless tanned legs to wear them. Fake tan is a necessary for me this time of year, you would not get me in a party outfit without it. However if prepping the week before with fake tan seems a lot of effort just for one night, this is the perfect way to get those flawless pins right before you get dressed to go out.  

This is the Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs Tan Glow and I got it from Boots for £9.99. This is NOT actually a fake tan, it is in fact a leg makeup! I was so sceptical about using this I thought for the price it is there is no way this works, however with the likes of Kim K having used this I thought I must try!! So to use this product you simply shake the can well to start. You then spray this onto your hand and then simply rub in evenly all over your legs. When you spay this onto your hand it does come out like a foundation and it can seem a bit scary however when you start to apply this to your legs they will honestly transform before your eyes! (I would put a towel down so you don't make a mess). Its so easy to blend over the skin evenly with no streaks or lines, but don't forget to was your hands after. You then have to wait 60 seconds and then you are ready to go!! Its that easy.

It completely evens out skin texture and gives you a lovely glow to the skin too. Its not only perfect for nights out but for those who have visible veins, freckles or any other imperfections you wish to disguise. This really does make you legs look completely flawless as if the are airbrushed. This product is water resistant, and will not transfer onto your clothes. Simply was it off with soap and water the next day. No fake tan will ever make my legs look as nice as this does, and its just so effortless anyone can use this with confidence and get great results.

So if you want flawless party legs this season with next to no effort this is perfect.

        Zoe x



  1. I have seen this so many times but always been sceptical to try it but think I will now after reading this! Great post! xx

    emily x | emily’s beauty blog

    1. thank you! I was the same until I tried it xx


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