Monday, 27 October 2014

Halloween Tips!

Hey guys, im having a bit of trouble with lighting for my makeup looks as I usually use natural daylight however at the moment.. we have none! Ill try and do a Halloween look on Friday but I thought id give a few tips on costumes and makeup etc:

- If your a last minute person like me don't stress if you haven't got a costumes. Concentrate more on makeup and hair and you will still look the part.

-If you are on a budget, customise old clothes you already have and just buy accessories instead to spook up what you already have.

- if you are not confident doing a full face of costume makeup just stick with a really dull smokey eye and dark lips. Using deep purples, blacks and other dark shades for your smokey eye will give you that grungy vampy look that's great for Halloween. Smoke and blend out the eyes more than you usually would to get that extra effect for Halloween.

- Try outrageous lip colours. Its easy and effective to try if you don't want to go for the full scary makeup. Deep plums, blacks, greens will make a Halloween statement without being too in your face.

- Create scruffy scary hair by simple creating loose beachy waves and backcombing it as scruffy as you like.

- If you want to try the full face look but don't want to spend a lot of money. check out your local super markets they always have cheaper face paints and things to mess around with. There is no point in buying the best face paints just for one night.

- Use big in your face lashes, body jewels and glitter to enhance your character. When else would you be able to get away with wearing these!

- Use wash out hair spray paints, I love these as you can make your hair really stand out and it washes out the next day.

- If your not getting dressed up this Halloween but you are still going out and want to look the part. Little black dresses you cant fail with. Leather skirts, sequins, anything which is a little more grungy looking or more darker shades you wont look out of place.

- Instagram is a great place for inspiration for makeup looks for Halloween. there are some really talented people with really creative ideas.

- Try and be different when thinking of your character. Its rubbish turning up and 5 people wearing the same costume as you. Think of a character no one else would, you will stand out more too!

- Try and be extravagant as you can, on Halloween I think that more is more. Its the only time with the excuse to look as silly as possible.

Zoe x

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  1. ooh great tips!

    from helen at

  2. Definitely agree with the not stressing about the costume point. I'm using a black dress I already have and using accessories and makeup to make it more Halloween friendly :)


    1. Thankyou, I prefer to do this too. have a nice time!


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