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How To Contour and Highlight!

Contouring and highlighting has become a massively popular way of doing makeup today. Kim Kardashian West was one of the first we saw create a flawless and perfect face shape using this method, her makeup artists really are magic! No one ever really knew how to create it until makeup artists started to share their little secrets and tips on how you can create a similar look yourself. Now it is so popular and the base of many peoples makeup routines I thought I would show a really easy way of how I do it. I by no means think I am perfect! Its quite basic but creates more definition to the face. If it helps any of you then that's a bonus!

So first of all contouring and highlighting is a way of emphasising certain areas of your facial features or with an illusion creating what you don't actually have. At the same time as hiding and drawing attention away from other areas. When we highlight we want that area to be bright and pop out, when we contour we are creating a shadow and pushing back areas.

So lets get started, first of all as everyone's face shapes are different, areas which you highlight and create shadow will always be different even though the basic concepts are the same. So practice and find what suits you best.

I firstly applied my foundation and concealed my under eyes, I prefer to do this first as I can colour correct and create an even base to start with. You can contour and highlight with any products weather it be creams or powders but here ive used creams to make it easier to show you. When choosing a shade of product the easy way is for the highlight one or two shades lighter than your foundation and for the contour one or two shades darker.

First for contouring, we want to apply this firstly down and into the hollows of the cheeks, this will push that area back creating the illusion of fuller cheek bones. Secondly from the temples around the top the forehead by the hairline, this will create a smaller forehead and more round shape. Down the sides of the nose and across the tip will put those areas into shadow therefore when we highlight the nose will appear shorter and smaller. Finally along the jawline, this will make so the face will not appear as long.

Now to highlight. Firstly we need to go under the eyes, by drawing a triangle shape like this will help emphasise and create the sharpness of the cheekbones. Down the centre of the nose to help create the illusion of a smaller nose. The centre of the forehead to help lift that that area and together with the contour will create a more round and smaller forehead. Under the brow bone to emphasise the arch and lift the brows. Finally the centre of the chin and under the cheekbone contour, this will help create that sharp jawline, making the face appear not as long.

The final and most important step is the blending, I like to use a damp beauty blender but you can use anything you like. The key is to blend the edges of the product we have applied so there is no harsh lines. We do no not want to blend them too much as we will lose the effect we are trying to create!

As you can see here the face has more definition and more warmth than before we started. Try to pic the highlight or contour to blend first then go onto the other so you are not mixing the shades up too much.

So that is how I contour and highlight, you can make this even more defined by going over with powders, this will make it more distinctive and also set the products in place all day. Hope this was helpful.

Zoe x


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