Thursday, 13 November 2014

Whats In My Essentials Draw?

Along with my makeup collection, I have a draw in my table full of random essentails that I use on a day to day basis. They are the more boring side to makeup but I could not be without these ramdom bits. Im sure you all have most of these on your makeup tables too. Although I do use most of these in my freelance kit these are the essentails in my personal draw.  

Tissues - I always keep a box of tissues to hand. Im always making a mess I need to quickly clear up or wipe over bottles and things once ive used something. I even use tissues to catch fallout when doing my eyeshadow. They always come in handy. 

Cotton Buds - Again im sure you all use these quite often too. I use these to cleaning up the edges of eyeliner or lipstick or errasing little mistakes. These are also handy to scoop out cream products from containners which keeps them more sanitary. 

Cotton Pads - I use these mainly to remove makeup and nail varnish, or to wipe over with toner etc. they come in handy all the time and I use these every day. 

Face Wipes - I dont usually use face wipes to remove my makeup but sometimes I do when im in a rush. I also keep these on hand to clean up little mistakes when doing my makeup. 

Hand Wipes - im always mixing products on the back of my hand and swatching them so I always keep hand wipes to wipe them clean after. 

Water Spray - I always keep water spray in case I need to dampen a sponge or brush to apply product. I use it mainly to keep my beauty blender damp when doing foundation and concealer. 

Alcohol Spray - I dont disinfect my products every time I use them as I no they are only used on me however once in a while I will wipe over my products and spray them with alcohol. I use this on my brushes every time I clean them too 

Brush Cleaner - This is really handy when changing eyeshadow colours or blushers and swapping between products etc. You can quickly clean any product off them and use straight away as this drys instantly. 

Witch Hasel - I keep this handy as it is really good if you find you are irriteted by a product. It sooths the area nicely and stops irritation.

Lip Balm - I always use a lip balm before applying makeup to make my lips nice and soft for lipstick. 

Micellar Water - I like to take my makeup off sometimes with this as its really kind to the skin. Its nice to use this over the face before moisturiser and makeup to make sure the skin is clean. Mainly I use it for cleaning up edges with my cotton buds.

Scissors - You never no when you will need a pair of scissors. You usually cant find them when you need them so I always keep some in my draw.

So that is my random essentials I use all the time, please share yours below too!
Zoe x



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